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PE market one week analysis and aftermarket forecast

last week, the domestic market continued to rise after taking over the previous rise, and the domestic market price generally increased by about 300 yuan/ton. Last week, the middlemen had some inventory in their hands, but it was not much, and they were not in a hurry to sell, and they became more cautious in receiving goods. For higher prices, downstream users become a little hesitant to pick up goods. However, the price of PE film has increased by about 200 yuan/ton compared with the previous period. The operating rate of downstream membrane enterprises is still not high

the ex factory prices of domestic production enterprises have increased to varying degrees, and the inventory is not high. Shanghai Petrochemical Ethylene Plant was inspected for failure, and the downstream polyethylene plant operated at low load, so Jinfei Petrochemical also reduced the production load of the plant. Yangzi Petrochemical full density unit shut down for about a week due to equipment failure. Tianjin PE plant is also in low load production. The production of other enterprises is normal

last week, international crude oil prices rose and fell, but naphtha and ethylene prices remained relatively strong. In addition, other plastic prices have also expanded the scope of losses of paper enterprises, and the grid is also rising. This will form a strong support for the PE market

last week, imported goods from major domestic ports were declared one after another, and the arrival was relatively concentrated, forming a certain pressure on the domestic market. However, it is understood that although Jinjing fine ceramics has good acid and alkali resistance and low insulation cost, traders are generally optimistic about the market with slow response after the Spring Festival, so they do not want to sell at a low price. As a result, the current port transactions are light

due to the approaching Spring Festival, transportation is relatively difficult. The long Spring Festival holiday will also have some adverse effects on the market. Therefore, we expect that the market will be mainly stable in the near future, and the prices of linear and high-density wire drawing and injection molding products with more import sources will fluctuate slightly

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