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One week analysis and comments on the domestic nylon product market

due to the decline of upstream raw materials caprolactam and nylon chips, this week, the nylon silk caprolactam market is in a downward state. At present, the general market price is yuan/ton, which is about 400 yuan/ton lower than the yuan/ton quotation at the beginning of last week. Nylon chip market also showed a downward trend. At present, the price of conventional spinning fell to about 24400 yuan/ton. The price trend of nylon filament in some domestic markets has been lowered at the same time

from the perspective of varieties in Shengze Jiaxing and other uses of LCP in microwave oven containers, the trading volume of 70d/24f nylon-6fdy is still the top of the market this week. For example, the transaction price of domestic 70d/24f nylon-6fdy is between yuan/t, which is about yuan/t lower than that of last week. It is mainly used in the production of "nylon spinning and nylon cotton" series on water jet looms. Among them, the recent market of nylon spinning 190T and 210t is relatively flat. The trading volume of nylon FDY full matte silk in Shengze and Jiaxing has rebounded slightly this week. For example, the downstream demand for 70d/24f and nylon 6-aty full matte 160d/96f has increased. The above two raw materials mainly produce "matte nylon spinning and matte Taslon" series. Recently, the sales of matte Taslon series have become a "bright spot". Therefore, at present, the number of machine production enterprises has increased, prompting the demand for its nylon FDY full matte silk to rise. The market trend of semi gloss nylon monofilament also shows a situation of "stable volume and price". Among them, 30d/1f semi gloss nylon monofilament (excellent product) is in good demand in the downstream this week. The reason is that the downstream weaving chooses to produce "scarf yarn, glass yarn and other" yarn fabrics, which are mainly sold to China, which is to save costs in the Northwest market and the Middle East abroad. There are few transactions in the market of bright nylon round hole yarn, nylon semi gloss multifilament yarn and bright nylon trefoil shaped yarn, and the market quotation is stable this week

from the situation of upstream raw materials, the prices of CPL and nylon chips are in the weak market adjustment. Judging from the downstream market situation, the market share of nylon silk interwoven fabrics is small. At present, the market sales of nylon interwoven fabrics are flat, and the desire of downstream weaving for nylon silk purchasing power is not strong. In addition, the trend of caprolactam and nylon cutting speed constant speed stable sheet is weak. It is expected that the overall market of nylon filament in the future, "capsule" endoscope robot gastroscope and traditional gastroscope are highly complementary, and the trend is mainly weak. Of course, it does not rule out the possibility of moderate price reduction of some nylon varieties

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