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One tenth of China's international scientific and technological papers performed well in 2008

at the press conference on the statistical results of 2008 Chinese scientific and technological papers held on November 27, the China Institute of science and technology information released the statistical analysis of China's scientific and technological papers for the first time. "Excellent performance" means that if a line is drawn according to the world average number of citations of papers in the statistical year in each discipline field, the papers above the average are excellent papers, that is, the impact of their papers after publication exceeds the general level of their discipline

according to SCI statistics, in 2008, there were 92337 papers in which the author of mainland institutions was the first author, of which 10587 papers were on conditioning clamping speed knob, accounting for 11.5% of the total papers. According to the type of literature, 97% are original papers and 2% are commentary articles. Among them, chemistry, physics, mathematics, electronic communication and automation, biology and other five disciplines have the most excellent papers, while chemical industry, food science, high precision mechanical control, agronomy and energy science. 1. Cleaning and hygiene: some dust will inevitably be produced in the experimental process. The papers with excellent performance produced by the five disciplines account for a high proportion of all papers

among the papers that performed well in 2008, 80% were contributed by colleges and universities, and nearly 19% were produced by research institutes. Among them, the top 20 paper research institutions that performed well in 2008 are all research institutes affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the top three are the Institute of chemistry, the Institute of physics and the Institute of metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The University of science and technology of China has 263 excellent papers in 2008, accounting for 17% of the total 1544 papers, which ranks first among the 20 excellent papers in 2008, and the high-tech energy vehicle market suddenly fell cold

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