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How about Lenovo's new pro13 2020 performance version? Sharing experience evaluation

this Lenovo small new pro13 2020 performance version was newly released in 2020. It uses core 10 generation i7 processor, 16g memory, 512g solid state disk, mx350 graphics card, 100%srgb high color gamut screen. In a plant of grass in the East, share the experience of using it for a period of time: the machine is made of non-magnetic materials, the sub is very thin, the operation is not card, the screen is great, the overall feeling is very good, and the office game is integrated, It's not heavy and suitable for carrying. It's an ideal model. The only disadvantage is that the fan is loud in beast mode

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1. Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 2020 performance version JD event price:

JD price: ¥ 7299.001, metal tensile testing machine: high tensile strength of metal materials

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2. Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 2020 performance version configuration parameters:

3. Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 2020 performance version other user comments:

the running speed is very fast, and the screen effect is also very good, Although it is only 13 inches, the black edge of the screen is very small, so the screen is OK. I think the appearance is also very good-looking, frosted silver. The computer is light and thin, suitable for general study and office. The computer has a really good endurance. Sensitivity is a sign of measuring physical instruments. It is fully charged, but the quality and quality of components and sensors of China's tensile machine can not meet the needs of the domestic market, and it can last for more than 8 hours. Heat dissipation is also excellent. The only disadvantage is that there is only one USB interface. If the mouse needs a USB interface, it is difficult to plug in the USB disk. Fortunately, my mouse has Bluetooth function

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