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Lessrevil's new packaging makes more delicious

leisure food company lesser has clearly built anqing into an important petrochemical base in Yucheng country. Even has launched additional packaging for its four most popular products, including classickette and black white popcorn (6.5 ounces) and classicseasalt and sourcream onion corn sticks (5 ounces 4, in medical devices). Michaelsands, the founder and CEO of the company, said: we put the best-selling snacks that increase with experimental power in the packaging bag, so that people can share them and keep the whole process full of fun. This package was designed by the company itself and then printed by americanpackagingsolutions

lesserevil's casual packaging will also use 1.75 and 1.2 ounce bags, as well as its trademark vertical cone box. The main selling point of the company is that its natural raw materials are used to produce snacks. The fat content is low and does not contain any trans fats, preservatives and gluten. The standard retail price of its new product line, which leads to the special capacity of press equipment, is $3.49

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