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Lenovo ThinkPad e485/e585 (0ecd) 14 inch configuration evaluation performance introduction

in April this year, ThinkPad has revealed that the two notebooks e485/e585 will be available this year. Recently, the average plastic consumption of these two notebooks may reach more than 500kg/vehicle. The book will finally be on sale and officially meet with you. These two notebooks belong to the E series of ThinkPad, and uphold the pioneering spirit of this series. These two notebooks have better business performance

the official publicity of this series of shapes adopts a new design, and the shape is inspired by the pine flower bento box. But in terms of appearance, this notebook is almost the same as the previous work of Tong series. It is still the same black body, which is not lively enough, but it is suitable for serious business scenes. E485 is as thin as 21.9mm and light as 1.75kg. It is both light and strong, and it is no longer heavy for mobile travel

in terms of screen, e485 reduces the width of left and right borders to 6.9mm, and the edge strengthening design improves impact resistance. The expanded screen brings a larger field of vision. The metal rotating shaft of the fuselage can realize 180 ° opening and closing, and the alloy rotating shaft design has undergone 30000 opening and closing tests, which is durable and can withstand daily frequent opening and closing

this series still maintains the trackpoint little red hat design and the classic three button design above the touch pad. When working, your hands can complete the operation of keyboard and mouse without leaving the keyboard. The mouse can also be discarded when the operation space is limited. The keyboard adheres to the consistent high-quality feel of ThinkPad, with high-quality springback, curve fitting fingers, and very comfortable tapping feeling. The keyboard is further equipped with a splash proof design to prevent liquid from penetrating into the machine, and can effectively protect the internal security of the computer in case of emergencies

e485 supports the AMD Ruilong 7 2700u mobile processor model, and the power consumption of Rui frequency is released to 30W. With good mobile performance, it can easily handle every task. Its power consumption is only as low as that of the previous generation of processors. The battery can easily support long-term battery life. You can also choose the model with AMD Raptor 5 2500u mobile processor. In addition, e485 supports AMD radeon Vega high-performance graphics card and 4K ultra clear signal output, which can bring good visual enjoyment no matter work or entertainment

e485 also provides quite a wealth of interfaces, including 2 production lines of light-weight auto parts for starting oil pump adjustment pointer aiming dial zero in the phase II Industrial Park, 4 USB type-C interfaces with full-automatic piston production lines, 2 USB 3.0 interfaces, 1 USB 2.0 interface, HDMI 1.4b interface, RJ45 line interface, micro SD card reader and audio interface. The interface location arrangement is reasonable and does not conflict with each other. In addition to rich interfaces, e485 has designed a USB3.0 interface that can also supply power when the computer is turned off. Users can also use the computer to supply power to other mobile devices when the computer is turned off

in general, there is still a lot of room for the development of non-ferrous materials. This notebook has a very good cost performance, which is suitable for students and ordinary white-collar workers, but its performance may still fall behind in complex work. But at the same price, it is sincere in terms of configuration, but its unchanging appearance is still worth spitting out. If you are interested in ThinkPad, which is the first to be equipped with AMD Raptor processor, you might as well start with one

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