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Lenovo will form a partnership with memjet

a month ago, on January 6, 2011, at the CES exhibition in the United States, memjet announced that Lenovo will form a partnership with memjet to jointly launch office printing equipment with the world's fastest color printing technology, and is widely introduced to the mainland market in China. Memjet color printing technology is twice the speed of the latest color printing in the world, equivalent to 25 years ahead of similar color printing products

it is reported that silverbrookresearch has quietly applied for 1278 patents in the United States since 2001, and obtained 452 inkjet patents granted by USPTO of the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2006, ranking second only to Canon in terms of the number of inkjet patents. This means that silverbrookresearch has been able to compete with the owners of thermal foaming inkjet technology in terms of the number of inkjet patents. However, according to the report in 2008, memjet print heads can only use dye ink on the initial prototype. Although this technology supports pigment ink, it was not reliable to use pigment ink at that time. Whether the research progress can support pigment ink now is unknown

at the 2011 CES exhibition, memjet's board of directors announced the appointment of len J. Lauer, the former chief operating officer of Qualcomm, as chairman and CEO of the company. Len J. Lauer will be responsible for managing all aspects of the company and will be accountable to the memjet board of directors. In the new year, whether the personnel changes of memjet also mean that this research achievement will be transformed from technology to products, so as to recommend market expansion, this year will be more urgent

before joining memjet, Lauer served as chief operating officer of Qualcomm. Lauer joined Qualcomm in December 2006 with more than 20 years of experience in the high-tech industry. Prior to joining Qualcomm, Lauer served as chief operating officer of sprint Nextel. Prior to the merger of sprint and Nextel, Lauer served as the chief operating officer of sprint. Lauer joined sprint in 1998 and has held several leadership positions, including the chairman of sprint PCs. In addition, he also served as the chairman of the company's business and consumer service department, responsible for product research and development, marketing, network operation and technology planning

before joining sprint, Lauer served as CEO of Bell Atlantic New Jersey. Previously, he worked in IBM for more than ten years as the head of marketing and sales, which will invest more than US $30 million to build factories and purchase equipment. Lauer is now a member of the board of directors of H R bloc firm, smooth K

kia silverbrook, the inventor of memjet technology, the company's co-founder, the current chairman and chief technology officer, said: for memjet, Lauer's participation is a milestone. Mr. Lauer has excellent leadership skills and rich experience in developing international markets, company operations, development strategy formulation and sales. I believe that he can help the company achieve comprehensive commercialization

lauer said: now is undoubtedly a good time to join memjet. Memjet is on the threshold of commercialization. The company has many industry-leading technologies, which is the greatest wealth of the company's development. I am glad to join an experienced leadership team and a company with good business cooperation. I firmly believe that I can lead the company to successfully commercialize and grow

jas, managing director of Argonaut private equity investment company and member of memjet's board of directors, what new technologies, new attractions and new processes will they bring to the industry? Let's have a preview! On Martin said: len Lauer will bring memjet a wealth of operating skills and experience. Len has been immersed in the technology industry for many years and has been responsible for billions of dollars of business. He understands continuous technological innovation and how to expand global business

from this point of view, memjet will face challenges from the strong players in the field of HP, Canon and Epson inkjet printers. The war is imminent, and the change of memjet executives is enough to illustrate this

it is understood that memjet group has changed its traditional management mode. Instead of manufacturing the whole inkjet printer by itself, it provides memjet core engine components, software and consumables to other manufacturers with an open license agreement. Such a mode is not rare in the electronic fields such as chips, mainboards and lenses, but it is the first in the printer field. Epson, Canon, Hewlett Packard and other brands have their own core inkjet printing technology. The earliest inkjet printer technology has been developed for more than 20 years. Before printing products adopting new technology are launched, it is necessary for us to explore the changes and challenges brought by this new technology

as mentioned in the previous description, the advantages of memjet printing technology are high speed and low cost, which are the two points that business users are most concerned about. If such a product is launched, due to the changes of these two factors, it is possible for the whole industry to enter a new competition mode. The performance of inkjet printers is doubled, and the printing cost is declining. If such a change can be brought about, I think this is what consumers are very willing to see. However, if the printer adopting new technology is inferior to the mainstream products in the market in some aspects, such as printing accuracy, color authenticity, stability, etc., it may be abandoned by users at the beginning, and then continue to innovate, which is even more difficult for market expansion. After all, the acceptance of new technology and new products by users requires the accumulation of public praise. If Lenovo is delayed in launching new products, we need to wait patiently for a few months

these are the challenges faced by memjet, a new technology. As for the revolutionary text printing mode, it mainly refers to that memjet provides core components, software and hardware for OEM manufacturers, and the final market still needs OEM manufacturers to cultivate. In this case, the risk it bears is much smaller than developing technology and producing printers alone, and it can also save capital investment and later return cycle, This may be the main reason why memjet provides technical support to other manufacturers. However, for those manufacturers who want to enter the text printing market but lack core technologies and opportunities, the emergence of this model provides them with an opportunity to know whether it is a blessing or a curse

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