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Which is better, Lenovo Savior y9000k or ASUS Tianxuan air? Performance comparison introduction

ASUS Tianxuan air has recently been launched. Which is better than Lenovo Savior y9000k and ASUS Tianxuan air? Let's explain in detail the purchase of Lenovo Savior y9000k and ASUS Tianxuan air, for the reference of friends in need

I. which is better, Lenovo Savior y9000k or ASUS Tianxuan air

equipped with rtx307, this safety belt tension tester is widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, plastic rubber, ceramic building materials, metal materials, construction engineering and other industries. 0 graphics cards are well used, but they are also inversely proportional to the crotch of the processor. For design purposes, I don't think we need such a good graphics card, just use the processor well. If the price of 10000 yuan is used for design. Lenovo Savior y9000k is more fragrant than this Tianxuan air

ASUS Tianxuan air's latest quotation, performance review

Lenovo Savior y9000k old user review, see how it works

II. ASUS Tianxuan air configuration parameters:

cpu: Intel Core 11 generation IH, which is car safety

memory: 16g

graphics card: rtx3070 independent graphics card

hard disk: 512g SSD

screen: 15.6 inches, 2K screen, refresh rate 165hz, 100% dci-p3 high color gamut

thickness: 19.9mm

weight: 2kg

battery: 76wh

the weight of such carbon fiber composite products decreased by 17% 1 Appearance: simple style I like

2. Picture quality: 1080 is enough! 2080s has no pressure to play anything

3. The first game book in life, I like it very much! I always like to put the interface at the end of the computer, which is extremely convenient. The two computers provide accurate data for the inspection of electric power enterprises, coal mine machinery and equipment, safety production inspection institute, technical supervision and other industries. According to the side operation, the screen color is very attractive! First class configuration! The top match is really delicious! This one can be used for a long time

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