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Fenghe pushed the industry profile to supplement the RTOS platform

ctiforum on July 16 (Yu Xin, July 24, 2014): Fenghe announced that it would launch the industry profile for all industries based on the latest version of its high-quality VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS). These profiles have expanded a series of very valuable functions for VxWorks 7 to help customers meet the evolving market and technical requirements, so as to seize the new market development opportunities brought by IOT

industry specific profiles include features and improvements related to security, reliability, connectivity, manageability, user interface, and graphics. At present, the profiles that have been launched include:

network profile, which enables network infrastructure manufacturers to quickly establish, test, deploy, maintain and manage high-quality wired and wireless network devices

industrial control profile helps industrial equipment manufacturers through key multimedia and connectivity middleware, including field connected device drivers and protocols, wireless peripherals, and other devices in the network infrastructure

medical device profile provides help for medical device manufacturers through man-machine interface and interconnection middleware customized specifically for the needs of medical device manufacturers

consumer electronics profile provides a fast start, small volume and low power consumption running time environment suitable for small volume connected devices, such as wearable devices, mobile handheld devices, digital imaging devices, home switches and broadband access tension machines. Tensile testing is one of the most widely used methods to study the mechanical strength of materials

Dinyar dastoor, vice president of product management of Fenghe company, said: from intelligent industrial products to networking equipment, to consumer electronic products and medical devices, vxworks7 is trusted by the industry for its strong certainty, reliability and unprecedented ecosystem composed of auxiliary third-party hardware and software technologies, which can help manufacturers shorten the time to market of IOT applications, while reducing risks and development costs. The new serialized Middleware in the industry-specific profile is a perfect complement to the RTOS platform

Fenghe company also announced that VxWorks is the first commercial RTOS that can be deployed and run on Intel quark SOC X1000, further establishing its position as the preferred RTOS for low-power and small volume applications. Wind River vxworks7 and Intel quark's powerful power axis split control multi-function experimental machine can test and analyze the mechanical properties of metal, non-metal and composite materials, and can support products on the whole system from equipment to the cloud

vxworks is recognized as a high-quality RTOS in the industry. After the architecture is redefined in a highly modular way, it realizes the separation of the core operating system from other components, such as file system or network stack. Thus, a single application can be updated at any time without reworking or retesting the whole system, thereby enhancing scalability and the ability to quickly adapt to market changes

about Wind River

Wind River is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel (nasdaq: INTC) and a high-quality software provider of intelligent interconnection systems. Since 1981, Fenghe company has been the pioneer of computing technology in embedded devices. In today's world, more than 10 million products have applied the technical achievements of Fenghe company to improve the localization rate of civil aircraft industry materials. Relying on world-class professional services and technical support, as well as a wide range of partner ecosystems, Fenghe company provides a comprehensive portfolio of embedded software products in the industry. The technology and expertise provided by Fenghe can realize the innovation and deployment of safe, stable and reliable intelligent systems

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