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Industry segments continue to deepen product development and focus on personalized needs

the 2015 Guangzhou International Intelligent advertising logo and led Expo (Isle) was grandly held in the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall. As an integrated supplier of modern, large-scale and professional LED optoelectronic products, Shenzhen herno Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. brings new cylindrical screens of small P5 outdoor advertising machines and flexible screens to the exhibition

since its establishment in January 2007, herno has been committed to the development, production, sales and service of LED display products, providing customers with all-round solutions, and has become an integrated supplier of modern, large-scale and professional LED optoelectronic integrated products. Herno's products and solutions include various specifications of indoor and outdoor displays, lighting products and lighting products. With its leading technical level, superb process design, personalized design elements, large-scale production capacity and diversified cooperation strategies, it can provide customers with a full set of LED comprehensive solutions

small P5 outdoor advertising machine new products appear in high-end atmospheric modeling to earn enough attention

in recent years, China's outdoor advertising machine industry has risen rapidly, driving the transformation, transformation and integration of many industries based on Internet, wireless network, digital radio and television and other platforms. As more and more investment funds begin to favor it, when billions of dollars of investment are successively injected into this industry, people are full of infinite expectations for its future development. Facing the strong development trend of outdoor advertising machines, as an integrated supplier of LED photoelectric integrated products, herno brought a small P5 outdoor advertising machine with herno's own brand specialty at this exhibition. According to chenweirong, general manager of herno: "Herno's small outdoor advertising machine is made of LED light beads, which has the characteristics of high brightness, high refresh and long life. There is no need to worry about not seeing the content due to insufficient brightness, and it also better solves some problems encountered in traditional advertising. At the same time, it adopts the latest display multi-media processing technology, and has extraordinary visual effects of components that can be used for 3D printing and can be used directly. It can support 3G, these fragments Form spiral twist WiFi, local area, Internet, USB flash disk, synchronous computer playback, etc. The ultra light and thin hardware shell of high-end atmosphere has earned enough attention for this small outdoor advertising machine. " Moreover, with the rapid development of outdoor advertising industry, with the advantages of information updating at any time, more flexible, timely and convenient information release, outdoor LED advertising machine can easily replace the previously used advertising media such as elabo and X display rack. The characteristics of free mobile and video picture combination play also greatly enhance the audience's attention to the content. In addition, herno made breakthroughs in two major difficulties in waterproof and heat dissipation when developing products. Chen Weirong said, "we have made waterproof and heat dissipation in the structure, and made two layers of waterproof in the appearance design and internal mechanism design. We have also made great efforts in heat dissipation. The two layers of heat dissipation can well avoid the occurrence of blind lights used for a long time, and meet the requirements of outdoor use as a whole." During the exhibition, there was an endless stream of business customers attracted by herno. While winning orders, herno's brand influence also increased significantly

industry segments continue to deepen product development and pay attention to personalized needs

enter 2015 and look forward to the development trend of LED display in the future, Chen Weirong told that "the LED display industry will gradually move towards segmented markets. Small spacing is a major segment market. In the future, small spacing will have a great growth in screen display, with the growth rate of more than 40%, because the national policy has been announced that small spacing should replace some high-definition LCD BLT and other display products." At the same time, Chen Weirong said that "outdoor advertising media will gradually be controlled in a small, multi-point and multi-point way from the original large screen advertising. The second is the opposite sex screen. In the face of special suggestions from customers or venues, it is required that the opposite sex screen can well meet the needs of customers before operation. A series of personalized products such as ceiling and floor will show explosive growth in 2015." Today, with the rapid development of LED display industry, the personalized needs and habits of LED display users are also gradually emerging. Facing such a trend, herno also launched the newly developed new flexible cylindrical screen at this exhibition

multi enterprise collaborative development seeks the healthy development of the industry

throughout the development process of the LED industry, the LED industry has experienced a series of turbulent periods such as price wars and mergers and acquisitions in just a few years since 2011. Although it has gradually leveled off today, many enterprises are still afraid of the cruelty among them. Chen Weirong believes that "In fact, in my impression, peers are not mortal enemies. Although integration is the necessity of the development of the industry, in the long run, an industry needs stable development, and the dominance of an enterprise is disadvantageous. When purchasing spring fatigue testing machines, we need multiple enterprises to develop together, jointly research and develop, and jointly create the market. Now it is difficult to support the dominance of an enterprise, which is also our herno concept, and we emphasize it Midea's individuals and teams are the same in the industry. There is no perfect industry, no perfect career, because enterprises can't do it without the support of the industry. " Looking back on the development of herno in 2014, the so-called fruitful. Among them, in 2014, herno won the title of national high-tech enterprise, the honorary title of the top ten application brands of outdoor venues held by HC, and its products passed the European EMC certification. In terms of performance, the annual performance growth has reached a growth rate of 30%, which is far ahead of many well-known companies in the industry. It is believed that in the next development, herno will continue to make efforts to provide more comprehensive solutions for the industry

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