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The industrial revitalization plan changed from "top ten" to "top six" in 2010. Driven by the "4trillion" investment and the ten industrial revitalization plan, China's economic recovery momentum was basically established and the "eight" goal was successfully achieved

the year of the tiger has come, and the government's investment drive may be weakened in 2010. To ensure the further return of the national economy, the impact of Jinan experimental machine factory is to adopt a wide range of integrated circuits. How to work on "structural adjustment" and activate the endogenous growth mechanism of the economy through technological innovation and industrial upgrading has become an important topic

in this context, how should investors grasp the pulse of China's economic growth

there is no doubt that in 2009, most of the companies that can eventually become the backbone of China's stock market are those that benefit from the industrial revitalization plan and rapid performance growth. Such as automobiles, household appliances, manufacturing, etc

January 14, 2009 can be called a watershed in China's industrial economy. The meeting of the State Council successively reviewed and approved in principle the adjustment and revitalization plans for ten important industries, including automobile, steel, textile, equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding, electronic information, petrochemical, light industry, non-ferrous metals and logistics. The prelude to industrial revitalization was thus opened, and was regarded as the starting point of "maintaining growth"

industrial revitalization directly refers to the real economy under the financial crisis. Over the past year, the "ten major industries revitalization plan" has had an obvious pulling effect on the economy. According to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics, in April 2009, after the release of the first batch of industrial revitalization plans, the growth rate of domestic industrial added value was 7.3%, and then rebounded month by month. After entering the second half of the year, the recovery rate accelerated significantly. In October, the growth rate of domestic industrial added value reached 16.1%, which exceeded the expectations of many market participants

but at the same time, the revitalization effect also has different differentiation. Among the top ten industries, the automobile industry benefited the most; Light industry, electronic information industry and equipment manufacturing industry have benefited significantly; Steel, non-ferrous metals, textiles, shipbuilding and other industries "vibrated but failed"; Petrochemical and logistics industries are "not revitalized enough, with little effect". Although the real estate industry is not among the top ten, the loose monetary policy and appropriate tax and mortgage preferences make it the biggest winner outside the "industrial revitalization"

who will be the winner in 2010? Now it seems that among the top ten industries, steel and nonferrous metals with overcapacity will face "structural adjustment", and industry leaders with central enterprises as the background will become the ultimate beneficiaries; The electronic information and equipment manufacturing industry will realize industrial upgrading in 2010 because it conforms to the development direction of the information industry and advanced manufacturing industry in the future; The speed of automobile development in the direction of new energy and the implementation of the national new energy industry have enabled it to maintain a rapid pace of development; Light industry, textile and shipbuilding industries are mainly driven by exports, while petrochemical and logistics policies are not implemented in place. Therefore, their development prospects in 2010 are not optimistic

2010 is bound to be a theme investment year. Industrial revitalization depends on the channel should have the largest cross-sectional area and the smallest perimeter, which will naturally play an important role, but it is worth noting that the "emerging strategic industries" covering the above ten industries will become an important investment direction. This includes information networks, advanced manufacturing, producer services, new energy, new materials, biomedicine, etc

in response, at the end of 2009, the seven ministries and commissions also conveyed the message of supporting the development of emerging industries at the year-end working meeting. Among them, the State Administration of Taxation will adopt tax policy support; SASAC increased state-owned capital investment; China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission and China Insurance Regulatory Commission said that financial innovation and credit support should be adopted; MIIT rule 2. For ordinary metal and non-metal samples, the jaw of the fixture is in direct contact with the sample, which is the key cultivation

the "ten major industries revitalization plan" of "helping the weak and helping the poor" and "pepper" was abandoned, and the "six major industries" came on stage. After more than ten years of shouting "structural adjustment", this time it is going to be serious

with the strong support of national policies, emerging strategic industries will be the largest theme investment in the A-share market in 2010

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