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From the perspective of the construction machinery exhibition, the industry has recovered.

"with the recovery of the construction machinery industry, enterprises are very enthusiastic about signing up. Due to the large number of enterprises signing up, the exhibition hall has been unable to accommodate them, and a temporary pavilion has been added. Even so, more than 200 enterprises who signed up late failed to get the exhibition." The relevant person in charge of the International Exhibition Department of the machinery industry branch of the China Council for the promotion of international trade told excitedly

from the statement of the person in charge, it is not difficult to see that the Bauma China 2018 (Shanghai BMW exhibition) held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 27 to 30, namely 2018 China International Engineering machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery, engineering vehicles and Equipment Expo, is unprecedented in scale. The exhibition was hosted by Munich Expo Group, Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., China Construction Machinery Industry Association, machinery industry branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade, and CAMCE engineering machinery complete set Co., Ltd

the scale of the exhibition is much larger than expected

"the number of exhibitors and visitors of this exhibition has increased significantly compared with the previous one." Gao Jun, Deputy Secretary General of the machinery industry branch of the China Council for the promotion of international trade, expressed the intuitive feeling of the exhibition with a set of data in an interview with China trade news. The total number of exhibitors was 3350, an increase of 13%, including 2386 domestic enterprises; The number of visitors was 212500, an increase of 25%. The exhibition area has exceeded 330000 square meters, and all exhibition areas of Shanghai New International Expo Center have been used, with a capacity expansion of 10% over the previous session

Jonathan stringham, vice president of marketing and digital strategy of BOMAG, praised that we had a very good impression of Bauma China. Our booth received many customers who showed great interest in our equipment and technology. Most customers are from China, but many are from Southeast Asia and Russia

Gao Jun said that exhibitors were very satisfied with the audience organization of this exhibition. Most exhibitors received more visitors than expected during the exhibition, and there was almost no free time during the four-day exhibition period. The number of visitors also exceeded our previous expectation of 200000

in order to better serve enterprises, many market introduction meetings were held during the exhibition. Gao Jun especially pointed out that the introduction meetings of Australian Liyang mining market and Latin American mining market were very popular with exhibitors. Although Bauma China is an exhibition focusing on construction machinery, it has always hoped to expand mining equipment, because there is no large-scale international mining exhibition in China that is particularly attractive in the industry. China Council for the promotion of international trade in machinery has been making efforts in this regard and has been increasingly recognized by exhibitors. Therefore, this time, the content of the introduction to the mining market is added to create a brand exhibition in the mining industry

experimental width:? 120 mm industry recovery seen from the exhibition

the information provided by the China Council for the promotion of international trade in machinery shows that since 2012, the machinery industry has experienced a downward adjustment for up to five years. At present, construction machinery is entering a new era, and the core driving force is "the return of market-oriented demand and the clearing of market-oriented production capacity". The future growth of the domestic market will come from the huge demand for the renewal of old machines in the past 10 years, as well as the demand for new machines driven by the still growing investment in fixed assets every year

in July 2018, in recent years, the meeting of the State Council and the meeting of the political bureau put forward the development keynote of "ensuring infrastructure and promoting investment", and the introduction of the guiding opinions on maintaining the strength of making up for weaknesses in the infrastructure field has given infrastructure investment a "reassurance". At the same time, the active fiscal policy, the recovery of PPP project investment and the loose monetary policy have ensured the smooth progress of infrastructure projects in all aspects

Gao Jun believes that the state uses investment in infrastructure construction to stimulate the development of various industries, and the construction machinery industry is one of the industries that benefits. It can be seen from the exhibition that the construction machinery industry has recovered. According to the statistics of the organizer, Zoomlion signed a large order of more than 4billion yuan during the exhibition; Sany group's total orders on the first day of the exhibition were nearly 2billion yuan; At the customer appreciation dinner, Shanhe intelligent sold 35 rotary excavators, 165 excavators and 5 cranes, with a total turnover of 260 million yuan, thereby improving the quality of life of patients by 100 million yuan; CRCC heavy industry "reaped" orders worth more than 200million yuan; The turnover of Hengtian ninth five year plan and Xingbang heavy industry is close to 200million yuan Bauma China has become a gluttonous feast for exhibitors

in addition, through the appearance of a series of new exhibits, we can also see that wisdom and environmental protection have become the main theme, and new energy and unmanned equipment have become the new trend of the development of the construction machinery industry in the future. A number of large tonnage driverless road rollers, unmanned excavators, intelligent hoisting robots and intelligent pavers were launched, and countless energy-saving, oil-saving and high-efficiency products emerged at the exhibition site, which filled the audience's eyes and fully met the needs of customers in the integrated development market of different segments, auto parts and new energy vehicles

forge ahead and set sail again. Gao Jun said that China Council for the promotion of international trade in machinery will continue to lead enterprises to actively explore new markets on the basis of consolidating and expanding traditional markets through exhibitions in the future

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