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The era of industrial real estate profiteering is coming, and the profit is as high as 800%

the era of industrial real estate profiteering is coming, and the profit is as high as 800%

December 12, 2013 reading: Source: Securities Times | speculation newsletter

[China paint information] with the end of the era of residential real estate profiteering, a number of real estate enterprises have also set their sights on different real estate segments

yesterday, at the 15th China Housing Fair held in Shenzhen, different from the previous scenes in which housing played a leading role, real estate subdivisions, including industrial real estate closely related to the real economy, pension real estate with great social attributes and cultural real estate, have stood in the center of the stage. Interviews with a number of senior real estate enterprises predict that more real estate enterprises will deploy some new business areas in the future

Qiu Ming, President of KunDing investment, believes that real estate will develop in the direction of product diversification and industry diversification in the future. "This industry has gradually got rid of its dependence on the first high profit housing. In the future, the specialization of this industry will be more obvious, the added value of each subdivision will be increased, and there will be more opportunities for each professional real estate in the future."

industrial real estate profits are coming.

"frankly, industrial real estate has developed very fast in the past three years, and it is very profitable." Qiu Ming said frankly. In his eyes, the profiteering of residential real estate has passed, while the profiteering era of industrial real estate has just arrived. He believes that although the sub sector of industrial real estate has continued to rise in the past two days, it is the only sector in China's real estate industry in which enterprises take the initiative and the only industry that does not seek the government

he believes that, on the one hand, the desire of local governments for political achievements has contributed to the industrial real estate industry in the past two years, which has enabled mankind to continuously obtain new achievements and rapid development on the way to uncover the secrets of metal fatigue. On the other hand, in terms of customers, the demand for industrial upgrading of large enterprises also makes industrial real estate in short supply. "Industrial real estate itself does not lie in what the house is built, but in who is recruited into that house, what output value this enterprise can bring to the region, economic benefits, taxes, employment and the pull of regional industries, which is the core of industrial real estate." Qiu Ming said

however, Qiu Ming frankly said that industrial real estate, like pension real estate, has experienced a long period of pain and hardship in the past few years. "In recent years, industrial real estate has exploded. In the past three to four years, the annual average return rate of self owned capital investment has reached 700% to 800%, which is a huge profit." He spoke bluntly

in fact, interviews with many participating real estate enterprises found that the industry believes that China's real estate development path is undergoing profound changes. Many real estate enterprises said that they would strengthen the docking of urban value plots, contact domestic and foreign capital, look for high-quality real estate investment projects, and focus on technologies and products representing the industrial direction

in the view of the above-mentioned people, compared with the past, local governments now pay more attention to the common prosperity of industries and cities, hoping to use real estate as the carrier of the industry to bring a steady stream of fiscal revenue, and the national level also emphasizes more on the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure

pension real estate needs a reasonable model

in addition to industrial real estate, the pension real estate field is also favored by all kinds of capital. Major real estate enterprises including Vanke, COSCO, Greentown, poly, capital real estate and Fuxing have already displayed their "pension plan" cards and competed to enter this field. According to statistics, at present, more than 80 real estate developers have entered the field of pension real estate, and more than 100 pension real estate projects have been disclosed publicly

A Research Report of Guotai Junan once calculated that if the equilibrium level of pension real estate is reached in 2035, if the proportion of elders who choose pension real estate reaches 15%, it means that from 2014 to 2035, the total construction area of pension real estate needs to be increased as high as 2.172 billion square meters

it is worth noting that in addition to the involvement of various types of real estate enterprises, insurance funds are stepping up their pace in the pension real estate market. Statistics show that Taikang Life Insurance, Xinhua insurance, Ping An Group, United life insurance, PICC, China Taiping, China Life Insurance and other life insurance companies have laid out the pension real estate market and comprehensively launched the investment and operation of pension real estate

zhufengbo, chairman of the board of directors of Sun City Group, is slightly worried about this. In his view, the involvement of various capital in the pension real estate market has highlighted the future value of this segment, but it will also bring new problems to this sunrise industry. "The biggest problem is whether there will be old people coming in the future, regardless of whether there is a business model or whether there is demand in this place, and how to do the demand services for the elderly. This year, the demand for polymers in Europe will fall by 3% to 4% again. The decline in the demand for polymers also shows that the changes that the market is producing will not be considered. It is like starting to use land as ordinary real estate in more than a decade ago to quickly use land as pension real estate." He said frankly

"in some third and fourth tier cities, there are only tens of thousands of people in some areas, and a pension complex of hundreds of acres should also be built." Zhu Fengbo said frankly that the core value of pension real estate lies in the price positioning of the project and the corresponding service demand. "If it finally reverts to selling houses and selling insurance products to recover funds, it will deviate from the business model of pension real estate itself."

opportunities for cultural real estate are emerging

it is worth mentioning that since this year, leading real estate enterprises have returned to the first and second tier cities. Does this mean that the real estate in the third and fourth tier cities is in a situation of lack of investment value

Wu Zhenjin, President of Gehua China Olympic, believes that under the background that the residential market and commercial market in the third and fourth tier cities are close to saturation, there are certain opportunities for cultural real estate. "After the completion of the housing construction in the third and fourth tier cities, there will be corresponding facilities to follow up, and in this process, cultural and sports facilities are essential."

in addition, after the completion of many old reconstruction projects in first tier cities, the government needs to build cultural stadiums, and there are also investment opportunities in cultural and sports real estate. Wu Zhenjin, for example, said that Shanghai stipulated that communities with more than 100000 people should rebuild cultural facilities of more than 10000 square meters and sports facilities of more than 6000 square meters. "Shanghai is not a case. At present, compared with other industries, the domestic cultural industry lags behind, and the lag means that there is investment value in this industry."

in fact, many real estate enterprises have been involved in cultural real estate in recent years. The profit model of Phoenix shares is to focus on cultural operation and cultural consumption, and promote the development of surrounding commercial and residential projects at the same time. The company's main direction is to provide support for the construction of large state-owned bookstores and multicultural window positions through the development and operation of cultural real estate, and to provide much-needed hardware support for the "great development and prosperity of culture"

however, although the carrier of cultural real estate is real estate, culture is the core of value. Zhang Hongwei, director of Tongce consulting and Research Center, believes that cultural real estate does not need to treat culture as a "powder" real estate enterprise. If real estate enterprises are lucky to enter this field, even if they can develop the shell of cultural real estate, they will eventually become uncompleted residential flats, unable to realize the role of resource integration and value maximization

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