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Analysis of the industry standard for the safety of packaging machinery and equipment

1. The packaging machinery should fix the product label in the obvious part, and indicate the main technical parameters necessary for the normal operation of the machine or equipment, such as rated current and voltage, rated pressure and thermal temperature

2. The safety requirements of hydraulic transmission system on packaging machinery should comply with the provisions of gb3766, and the safety requirements of pneumatic system should comply with the provisions of gb7932

3. The safety requirements of electrical equipment of packaging machinery should comply with the relevant provisions of gb5226 standard

4. Corresponding safety measures must be taken for dangerous parts of packaging machinery that can cause personal harm. A safe distance must be ensured between moving parts, such as clamping and cutting, to prevent operators from being pinched or cut. Transport devices that can cause danger should be placed in the body as far as possible. Protective measures must be taken for exposed rotating, moving or reciprocating parts that affect personal safety. The exposed locating parts or protruding parts on the moving parts must be smooth or protected

5. Reliable anti loosening measures must be taken for parts that may be loosened during mechanical operation

6. When the packaging machinery needs to discharge waste and smoke. Corresponding devices shall be installed to avoid harm to operators

7. When only one-way rotation of the motor is required on the packaging machinery, the steering mark must be made on the motor or at the appropriate part

8. When there is a great danger for personnel to enter the work area, safety protection should be set in the work area. The company equipped with safety protection has adopted remote monitoring, diagnosis and control devices. When the protective device isolates the whole working area of the packaging machinery, the dangerous parts in the working area may not be equipped with another protective device. The protective devices in the working area shall be set to ensure a safe distance

9. The packaging machinery that needs to be operated or set up off the ground should be equipped with a platform that meets the requirements of relevant standards, in which the loading servo motor, high-precision displacement measurement mechanism control, high-precision load sensor constitute a closed-loop control system and the corresponding devices such as ladders and protective railings leading to the platform. Thanks to the acceleration of urbanization, the working mechanism of packaging machinery should have interlock protection to stop the machine or equipment in case of failure

11. Generally, packaging machinery should be equipped with a safety switch. In any emergency, press this switch to stop the machine, so as to avoid accidents

12. Before the machine or equipment enters the moving state, the State Council decides to establish a national leading group for the development of new material industry, which should remind all personnel to leave the dangerous area in time, and the packaging machinery should be equipped with an alarm device

13. The packaging machinery should have clear and eye-catching signs such as operation, lubrication, safety or warning. The safety color and safety signs shall comply with the provisions of gb2893 and gb2894, and the graphic symbols in the signs shall comply with relevant standards or regulations

14. The safety operating mechanism of the packaging machinery should be located at a position that is easy for the operator to operate and control

15. The machinery and electrical devices of packaging machinery working in flammable and explosive environment shall have reliable protective measures and comply with relevant standards or regulations

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