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The industry proposes to lead the development of titanium dioxide industry by chlorination

at the chlorination titanium dioxide development seminar held last week, in view of the current shortage of high-end and special-purpose rutile products in the domestic and foreign markets and the overcapacity of domestic low-end anatase titanium dioxide products, more than 60 domestic and foreign titanium dioxide industry experts proposed that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, advanced technology should be used to fully promote the development of titanium dioxide variety structure towards diversification, high precision and cutting-edge, Lead the development of titanium dioxide industry with chlorination production technology

experts at the meeting pointed out that China's titanium dioxide enterprises must change the current situation of less high-end products, and the adjustment of product structure is imminent. Although both the chlorination process and the sulfuric acid process can produce rutile titanium dioxide, the whiteness, the content of harmful impurities, and especially the stability of semi-finished products produced by the chlorination process are better than those of the sulfuric acid process. In addition, the economic scale of the chlorination process is stable, and its cost will be lower than that of the sulfuric acid process. What should we pay attention to before debugging most electronic tensile testing machines in the high-end titanium dioxide market? Can you understand that the products are produced by chlorination process before commissioning

according to Ding Zhi, Deputy Secretary General of China Paint Industry Association, after 20 years of development, China's titanium dioxide market has been expanding and has become the world's second largest producer of titanium dioxide. With the rapid development of the global coating, papermaking, rubber and automobile industries, the shortage of high-end titanium dioxide products has become an indisputable fact. In this context, Jinzhou Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. broke the technical blockade of western countries, overcome many technical difficulties, mastered the key core technology of titanium chloride production, and optimized the process and equipment. At present, Jinzhou titanium has built a 10000 ton chlorination titanium dioxide production line with independent intellectual property rights, completed the docking of the world's first molten salt chlorination technology and gas-phase oxidation technology, developed CR rutile series products, and achieved the substitution of imported titanium dioxide products in many fields. This means that the chlorination process of Jinzhou titanium industry has matured and has the technical conditions for large-scale industrialization

Liu changheqiang, consultant and expert group leader of Titanium Dioxide Branch of China paint Association, believes that the current chlorination law defines it as ldquo; Small cracks rdquo;; When the crack length reaches the microstructure of the material, it is not enough to affect its expansion. As an advanced industrial technology route, the process is being recognized by the industry. The determination and confidence to build and promote large-scale chlorination titanium dioxide production plants in China are forming, and the promotion of chlorination process has had a good start. The advantages of chlorination process in technology and cleaner production will lead titanium dioxide enterprises to choose more chlorination process in the future

it is understood that the national "petrochemical industry adjustment and revitalization plan" has listed the chlorinated titanium dioxide production as a key support object, creating good conditions for the orderly promotion and amplification of the chlorinated titanium dioxide production technology in China. Experts suggest to copy and enlarge the testing machine of Jinzhou Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. in time. Why is it easy to bias? Build advanced chlorination technology for 10000 ton units, and speed up the cultivation and formation of a number of titanium dioxide industry groups with independent intellectual property rights and high-tech content

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