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Analysis on the development trend of industry norms in China's hardware market in 2015

the hardware industry has developed rapidly. Many hardware enterprises can find their own development strongholds in the market environment, and continue to develop new products and innovate management models, thus achieving good market response. However, it cannot be ignored that the rapid development also brings many problems, which has a great impact on the development of the entire hardware industry. The lack of industry standards is an objective reason, which is inevitable in the development of each industry, but who really needs to work hard in the formation of hardware industry norms

why e-commerce has achieved outstanding results? Why do rights protection complaints produce Baixiang?

from the analysis report on the current market situation and investment strategy of China's hardware tool industry, with the rise of e-commerce in the household industry, it has long been nothing new for hardware enterprises to get involved in e-commerce. More and more consumers are also more willing to choose hardware styles, ask hardware prices, and enjoy a convenient shopping experience. However, hardware e-commerce is still in "adolescence" after all, and shows more or less maladjustment in the e-commerce environment. Hardware consumers are not as easy to deal with as enterprises imagine. They are not very clear about the reality of "three products, seven installation and after-sales" of hardware products. Liu Yanlong pointed out that, therefore, complaints about delivery, installation and after-sales problems after purchasing hardware in major consumer rights forums or media are everywhere, and "who should we look for after-sales protection of hardware? "For a time, the development of hardware e-commerce was in trouble.

the wave of discount promotion was surging. Where can the real benefits be found?

besides, this discount promotion can always smell the smoke of price war in the hardware market, just like this" golden nine " "In the promotion season, hardware enterprises or e-commerce companies have made great efforts to set off a sales surge around the Mid Autumn Festival, and the industry competition has therefore entered a white hot stage. In addition to the conventional promotion methods of price reduction, discounts and concessions, there is also a" sample promotion "in the hardware market, which many consumers are eager to do. However, the promotion of hardware is also worrying. It not only enjoys price discounts, but also has more discounts on after-sales services, which is the so-called market rule of "low-cost goods less after-sales". For hardware sold at a discount, merchants usually refuse to replace or repair it to avoid after-sales on the grounds of "special price goods are not returned"., "Price increase before price reduction", "points cashback", "buy and get free" "And other means are emerging in endlessly. The first time to give customers the fastest solution to the problem. In fact, in the eyes of more consumers, all kinds of fancy promotional means are not as direct and effective as cash reduction, and special prices are just a sign that they are always new. At the same time, under this low-cost gimmick, do hardware enterprises really control the quality?

true and false environmental protection war how to pay for healthy home

buying hardware is fast and convenient, and the other is Low price concessions and the purchase of hardware products in the promotion season are also price temptations, but paying attention to hardware health and environmental protection standards is the pursuit of more rational consumers. Formaldehyde exceeding the standard is still a major problem that cannot be ignored in the hardware industry. Many hardware products are circulated in the market without marking the environmental protection grade and formaldehyde emission. "Formaldehyde doors" occur frequently, and the hardware industry has a difficult road to environmental protection. Not only do metal plates need to use environmental protection products, but also ensure that formaldehyde does not exceed the standard in the production process, which fundamentally increases the cost. Therefore, environmental protection hardware is several times more expensive than ordinary hardware. Consumers with abundant economic conditions will naturally "contribute" their modest efforts to environmental protection hardware, but there are more consumers who may not be able to bear the high "health" fees, not to mention, there is no standard for whether the hardware sold on the market is truly environmental protection or fake environmental protection. Judging from the current situation, whether the hardware industry can stand out in the green home still depends on whether the enterprise consciousness is strong

with the ever-changing hardware market, price and products are ultimately the two major concerns of consumers, and good quality and low price are the ultimate goal. Although the development of the hardware industry tends to be prosperous, the existing problems are not new production capacity. Because there is no waste paper import quota support, it is urgent to actively regulate in order to develop healthily and orderly. "Low cost for low price" and "pay first for environmental protection" have buried hidden dangers for the development of the industry. Hardware enterprises should strengthen self-discipline, take industry standards as the premise, standardize promotional advertising as the way of information and management, and carry out orderly production, sales and competition

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