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Industry reshuffle is surging, and industrial control enterprises should strive to be "waves"

editor's note: under the pressure of the growing impact of the financial crisis and the "eight year GDP guarantee" in 2009, the State Council has acted frequently and accelerated in spring since the year of the ox - the central "No. 1" document has been released, the revitalization plan for the automotive, steel, textile, equipment manufacturing industry has been approved, and other industrial revitalization plans are in full swing, It sounded the "rally call" for China to resolutely resist the global economic crisis and strive to ensure sustained and healthy economic development, and demonstrated China's confidence. From the planning, it is not difficult to see that words such as "enterprise restructuring", "cost reduction" and "brand" appear frequently, and the storm of domestic enterprise restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and reshuffle is coming

under the pressure of the increasing impact of the financial crisis and the "eight guarantee" of GDP in 2009, the State Council has acted frequently and accelerated in spring since the year of the ox - the No. 1 central document was released, the revitalization plan for the automobile, steel, textile and equipment manufacturing industries was approved, and the revitalization plan for other industries is in full swing, sounding the "rally signal" of China's resolute resistance to the global economic crisis and efforts to ensure the sustained and healthy development of the economy It shows China's confidence. From the planning, it is not difficult to see that words such as "enterprise restructuring", "cost reduction" and "brand" appear frequently, and the storm of enterprise restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and reshuffle is coming

since the 1990s, a new round of enterprise mergers and acquisitions has been launched worldwide. Major M & A cases have emerged one after another, with climaxes, and the trend is getting hotter and hotter. Compared with the previous waves of mergers and acquisitions, more and more enterprises closely combine mergers and acquisitions with the construction of their core competitiveness. It is very important for enterprises in the upsurge of enterprise restructuring and mergers to pay attention to this point. In the fierce market competition, enterprises can only survive in the competition if they continue to develop and grow. There are generally two ways for enterprises to develop and grow: one is to rely on the accumulation of internal capital to achieve gradual growth; The second is to rapidly expand the capital scale and achieve leapfrog development through enterprise mergers and acquisitions. When examining the growth path of American enterprises, Stigler, a famous American economist, pointed out: "no large American company has grown up through mergers and acquisitions to some extent or in some form, and almost no large company has grown up mainly by internal expansion." From the perspective of enterprise growth, compared with the internal capital accumulation of enterprises, mergers and acquisitions can bring multiple performances to enterprises: mergers and acquisitions can bring economies of scale, market power effects, and transaction cost savings to enterprises

in more than 100 years so far, there have been five waves of large-scale enterprise mergers and acquisitions in the world. The fifth wave of mergers and acquisitions began in 1994 and is still in the ascendant. Compared with the previous four mergers and acquisitions, this wave of mergers and acquisitions has some new characteristics: cross-border mergers and acquisitions have been further developed, the trend of mega mergers and acquisitions is more obvious, and horizontal mergers and acquisitions and divestiture have developed in both directions. An important feature of the fifth wave of mergers and acquisitions is that a large number of enterprises spin off unrelated businesses and merge similar business enterprises accordingly, so that the scope of production and operation is more concentrated. The motivation of enterprise M & A is to find strategic advantages, which shows that the competition between enterprises is becoming more and more fierce. If enterprises want to survive and develop themselves, they must have certain competitive advantages. How to form the competitive advantage of enterprises? We believe that core competitiveness is the foundation of enterprise competitive advantage; Core competitiveness is the organic synthesis of various technologies, skills and knowledge; The ultimate goal of core competitiveness is to realize the value valued by customers; Core competitiveness is difficult for competitors to imitate, and has durability and scalability

judging from the mergers and acquisitions of nine automation giants since the 1990s, including Rockwell, Honeywell, Emerson, GE Fanuc, abb, Invensys and Si, which can also effectively protect the resources and environment, the Jianghu of international industrial automation, It has always been a game for large multinational companies; The leading companies in the international automation industry naturally also have to make acquisitions and mergers

in the early stage, he was engaged in the development of aviation navigation system. In 1985, he bought Allen Bradley company, the same century old store established in 1903, with a sky high price of US $1.65 billion. After that, he began to enter the industrial automation industry and has been using the brand of ab. At present, it is the largest automation professional company in North America. Its product series mainly include PLC, transmission system, motion control system and automation software. In recent years, it has introduced the concept of e-manufacturing and put forward the solution of manufacturing informatization. In the past, discrete control has been in a leading position, and in recent years, it has been involved in the field of process control. Its PLC is famous for its plc-2 and pressing the "pneumatic zero key" and "deformation zero key" PLC-5, SLC500 and the latest Control Logix series before the experiment

in 1998, Rockwell acquired sprecher and Schuh, a German PLC manufacturer, and took this opportunity to step into the European market

in 1999, Rockwell company successively acquired enterp, which develops manufacturing execution system software. The yield strength is designed to bear static load. According to rise technology group, anorad Corporation, which is engaged in linear motor and position control, dynapro, which is engaged in human-machine interface products, and EJA, which is engaged in safety protection system; In 2000, it acquired Entek, which is famous for shaft vibration measurement and control, systems modeling Corporation, which is famous for simulation software, and sequencia, which develops batch processing software, and began to enter the field of continuous process control

in 2002, it acquired tesch (Germany), which developed security systems, and propack data, which has been providing manufacturing execution system solutions, introduced the concept of e-manufacturing system

in 2005, it acquired datasweep company, which provides manufacturing informatization solutions, and in 2006, gepa MBH company, which provides manufacturing management software

in 2007, it acquired ICs triplex, the world's leading provider of critical point control and safety solutions for the process industry, with a cash of 110million pounds

in 2007, it acquired Pavilion technologies again, a private holding company that provides solutions for advanced process control, product optimization and environmental compatibility in process and hybrid industries

in 2008, it acquired incuity Software Co., Ltd., a private holding company specializing in manufacturing intelligent software for enterprises

in 2008, it acquired proscon, a system integrator for biotechnology and pharmaceutical markets

acquired the safety and automation business department of cedes Ag in 2008

acquired Xi'an Hengsheng Technology Co., Ltd., a heavy process industry integrator in Northwest China, again in 2008

among them, the acquisition activities since 2007 mainly focus on the solutions of the process automation industry and the supplement to the industry system integration experience

according to the different types of experimental pieces to be tested (plastic, metal, etc.) and different types of experimental methods (stretching, tightening), the fixture needs to be replaced for experiments. Rockwell's products have always been at the high end of the pyramid, and the products are relatively simple. They are mainly limited to the discrete manufacturing field, and PLC is good at it. It was not until this century that micro Logix and flex-io were launched to enter the low-end market, but even in the low-end market, It is also an expensive product. The acquisition actions since entering the 21st century show that Rockwell has mainly begun to enter the field of information manufacturing, and has shown obvious strategic ambition

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