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PerkinElmer center cutting technology greatly improves the separation ability of gas chromatography

peb Sample data: improve the level of the testing machine for users to set all sample data. Rkinelmer d-swafer central cutting technology solution ensures that hazardous substances will not exceed the standard

improve human and environment 3 Tensile strength( σ b) Health is PerkinElmer's mission. In order to further ensure that hazardous substances will not exceed the standard, especially in the pharmaceutical and food industries, perkine will introduce the latest d-swafer center cutting technology solutions by 2020! D-swafer can detect the impurities in the solvent while performing gc/ms to make the substance reach the proper level

the following are the characteristics and advantages of PerkinElmer d-swafer in this application example:

* greatly improves the gas chromatographic separation ability

* through the center cutting technology, It can guide part of the precipitates from the first chromatographic column to the second branch column by central cutting

* it has unexpected excellent effect when analyzing trace impurities in main components (such as solvents)

* relatively low cost

* easy operation

* it can separate a limited number of peaks from a highly complex sample matrix (possible applications):

- biodiesel (FAME)

- Petrochemical samples (DHA, MTBE, tame)

- environmental protection samples (pesticides in plant extracts)

- food (odor components, additives, pollutants)

- solvent impurities

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