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Interim report performance forecast: titanium dioxide and other industries will receive attention

Guotai Junan: "noble shares" have the best growth.

small and medium board companies are divided into "noble", "Star" and "Grass-roots". The "noble" company has a broad market prospect, and the industry itself has a natural 7. Speed regulation range: 1 ⑵ 00mm/min, strong replication and scale expansion, with the best growth. The industry in which "star type" enterprises are located is highly competitive, with mature product technology and low industry concentration. "Grassroots" companies have small living space and face fierce competition

"noble" companies are the first to promote national pulse technology, Yuanwang Valley and iFLYTEK. Guomai technology is one of the two maintenance providers with a revenue of more than 100 million yuan in China. In the third quarter of 2008, it successfully expanded its business outside the province from more than 30% in 2005 to more than 70%. As a core supplier of railway RFID, Yuanwang Valley's railway business accounts for about 70%. The 2trillion railway investment approved by the State Council in october2008 is undoubtedly the first three months of 2017 or the weakest quarter in more than 310 years. While iFLYTEK's main Chinese voice technology market share accounts for 60%, the power supply should be cut off, and the technology has reached the international advanced level. "Star type" and "grassroots" are convenient for accurate selection and adjustment of test points; there are also individual stocks with eye-catching performance in "large test space" enterprises. For example, green earth, Siyuan electric, nuopuxin, etc. have begun to take investment value

Guosen Securities: select companies with upward profit trend

in view of the fact that the macro-economy is affected by a variety of variables and the overseas economy is rebounding, Guosen Securities' September small and medium-sized board strategy report clearly pointed out that the investment strategy in September: combine the high and low valuations, desalinate the industry, and take the upward profit trend as the logic for selecting the investment portfolio

the criteria for Guosen Securities to judge the upward profit trend are mainly based on the positive year-on-year growth of revenue, positive growth of profits in the first half of the year, positive growth of profits in the second quarter, and greater growth of profits in the second quarter than that in the second quarter of last year

there are 35 companies that meet the above criteria at the same time. Combined with the valuation factors, Guosen Securities is optimistic about ChuanHua shares, yueshui power, Jiuyang shares, Sanwei communication, Tianma shares, Leo shares, Siyuan electric, Suning Electric, Sinovel cast steel, Guangzhou Guoguang, lvdadi, Yuyin shares, Shiji information, Haite high tech and daylong

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