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Personalized customization accelerates the transformation and upgrading of traditional lighting industry

tap the "Party Mode" button on the touch screen. After receiving the command, the room lights instantly become colorful and change with the rhythm of music. When you need to work, switch to the "working mode", slide your fingertips on the touch screen at will, and the lamp tube will create a comfortable light environment through the light and shade coordination of white light and yellow light to reduce people's visual fatigue

this is a customized lighting system developed by Nanhai Kaichang Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kaichang lighting") and is ready to vigorously promote it to the domestic market. Wuyulin, chairman of Kaichang lighting, believes that with the continuous improvement of people's requirements for lighting, this light customization technology will usher in a huge market development space and enter thousands of households in the next few years

before vigorously promoting the development of health lighting industry, Kaichang lighting has accumulated years of R & D experience. "As a lighting enterprise whose export business accounts for 80%, Guangdong kesio Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" kesio ") is undergoing a strategic transformation in which the heat distribution of the screw is still uniform. To this end, we have set up Kaichang lighting to specifically target the domestic health lighting market. " Wuyulin said that on the basis of more than ten years of experience in cooperation with European brands, he introduced the concept of German health lighting into China, and accelerated the transformation and upgrading of traditional lighting industry through technological innovation and the establishment of industry standards

1 aim at the health lighting industry segment

"some light can harm people's eyes and skin, and light can also affect our liver, kidney, heart and other organs." Wuyulin said that, for example, excessive blue light can cause blurred vision, aggravate diseases in the macular area of the visual membrane, and uncomfortable color temperature is easy to cause insomnia, affecting people's rest quality and work efficiency

compared with traditional lighting, health lighting must not only meet the functional requirements of the place, but also meet people's psychological requirements, such as the impact of color temperature and brightness on people's emotions

after targeting the health lighting industry segment, wuyulin began to increase research. Instead, he smelled a fragrance investment similar to corn. "Health lighting involves a series of R & D fields such as intelligent systems, optical parameters and chip development, which are difficult to be realized by enterprises alone." Wuyulin said that in order to solve this problem, Kaichang lighting has carried out industry university research cooperation with three universities. For example, we worked with Fudan University to jointly study the luminous parameters, formulate health lighting standards, and jointly developed the research and application of full spectrum LED chips and the application mode of LED mood lighting with Sun Yat sen University and Tsinghua University

industry university research cooperation has laid the foundation for the development of health lighting industry, and the integration of various advantageous resources in society has also accelerated the development of Kaichang lighting. "We also cooperated with 3 hospitals, including 301 Hospital of the Chinese people's Liberation Army and Peking University Medical School, and developed and customized various products for different places such as nursing homes and kindergartens." Wuyulin said

2015, Kaichang lighting successfully developed a light customization system, which includes basic mode, behavior mode and emotion mode. The system can emit ever-changing light through different adjustments of color temperature, brightness and color matching to meet the needs of different people for light lines in different scenes

"we plan to fully expand the domestic market from next year." Wuyulin said that Kaichang lighting will be a major domestic brand, provide a full line of high-quality lighting product lines, and serve major engineering, dealer, retail and organ industries

2 years of R & D accumulation has broken through the "pain point" of the market.

in fact, before setting foot in the field of health lighting, wuyulin has made years of R & D accumulation

2009, wuyulin took the lead in putting forward the design theory of "emotional lighting" in China, breaking the situation that the lighting design theory has been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time. "Emotional lighting aims at environmental protection, health, intelligence and artistry, and will be designed according to the needs of different people." Wuyulin said

before the establishment of Kaichang lighting, Kaixi mainly produced LED light source, led commercial lighting, led home lighting, LED lighting anti-theft and other products. The products were mainly exported, and established good cooperative relations with the world lighting giants Philips, NLC and other companies

2011, Casio established Foshan Zhongnan semiconductor lighting research institute and published the first series of emotional lighting. In 2012, Casio launched the first "mood lighting" downlight series in China, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Germany's century old lighting giant brumber, becoming its exclusive agent for products in Greater China. So far, Casio has applied for more than 300 domestic patents and more than 50 foreign patents. It has 100 employees, and the R & D personnel account for about 15%

"after the launch of emotional lighting lamps, they have attracted wide attention in the European lamp market, and their products are sold to high-end markets such as Italy, Germany, Spain, France and the United States." Wuyulin said

on the basis of more than ten years' cooperation experience with German enterprises, Cassio has cooperated with Spanish, Italian and other enterprises on the influence and role between lighting and human hormone system, as well as lamp design, and has launched seven indicators of blue light hazard, safety, color rendering, color temperature, glare, stroboscopic and illumination of health lighting according to the previous research data

"we have introduced the latest German technology. Each color of light has its spectral code. For example, red light can stimulate people's sensory nervous system and accelerate the detoxification and metabolism of the skin. Purple light can stabilize the blood pressure between the heart and lungs to a certain extent and help people relax and sleep." Wuyulin said that for the blue light that is the most harmful to vision, we require that its intensity should not exceed that of other wavelengths, and the color rendering should be greater than 90, so as to restore the original color of the object to the greatest extent

at present, the anti blue light glasses developed by Kaichang lighting can effectively block 80% of the damage caused by blue light to the eyes and reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet light at the wavelength of 400nm. In addition, Kaichang lighting has developed healthy light source lighting products without stroboscopic, radiation, glare, blue light hazard and high color rendering

3 there are still "obstacles" in the future promotion.

nevertheless, wuyulin has been looking for the entry point of health lighting in the domestic market. "The research on the relationship between lighting and health in Germany has been based for decades, but it is still a blank in China." Wuyulin said

after preliminary research, wuyulin found that domestic consumers' acceptance of the concept of health lighting is not high, and it is difficult to promote the market. He believes that, compared with the ultimate pursuit of light quality in foreign markets, domestic consumers are still at the primary stage of only paying attention to the appearance of lighting

"with the development of economy, people's pursuit of health is getting higher and higher, and the industry standards will change accordingly." Kaichang lighting related person in charge said. In his opinion, setting standards is the key to incubating new products and bringing them to market. In this process, the government should become the builder of the platform and the rule maker

the person in charge said, for example, if the government can introduce advanced lighting standards into the overall light system upgrading project of kindergartens in this process, it will also bring great help to the promotion of health lighting products. "At present, the rate of children's myopia is so high. As a lighting industry base, whether Foshan can give priority to enjoying the healthy light environment brought by the industry will benefit the government from providing you with high-quality experimental equipment for the people, improving children's health and enterprise innovation and development." He said

"the strategic positioning of the development of Nanhai lighting industry can be changed from the original simple lighting to the direction of health lighting industry such as medical care, which can tap greater market space." Wuyulin said that based on the original industrial foundation, Nanhai is also the most capable to develop the big health lighting industry

based on years of industry judgment, wuyulin analyzed that with the transformation and upgrading of the lighting industry, Nanhai lighting products do not have much advantage in environmental protection, energy saving, life span, etc. "The future development direction of Nanhai lighting industry needs to focus on medical treatment, health care and other fields. Industrial development should focus on consumption upgrading, pay attention to people's increasing and changing consumption demand, and cannot ignore market changes." He said

wuyulin suggests that the government can understand the needs of enterprises through investigation, build platforms in all aspects and establish relevant support policies, and provide convenient channels and comprehensive services for enterprises in terms of patent pledge financing and talent trading

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