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Perfect integration of flash animation, Unlimited configuration creativity

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[Advantech WebAccess is the first hmi/scada monitoring software completely based on IE browser in the world. All its engineering projects, database settings, image production and software management are completed through the Internet or intranet using standard browsers. For the monitoring nodes of decentralized architecture and the redundant system of monitoring nodes (SCADA redundancy) , central database server, multi-layer secondary network security structure and other functional combinations, WebAccess can provide complete microcomputer controlled impact testing machine solutions for various automation applications.]

webaccess6.0 also effectively integrates the powerful animation performance function of Flash software, and realizes the interactive transmission of i/o data by combining the script language with the action script and fscommand commands of flash, making a qualitative leap in the configuration screen. As an important tool to improve the overall interface display style, it is a major technological breakthrough in the field of industrial automation, leading the configuration software to a new level in the field of graphic display

course objective

in addition to a brief introduction to the basic functions of WebAccess, this course focuses on the communication between WebAccess and flash. Let the students experience the beauty of flash and the powerful extensibility of WebAccess

1. Quickly master the installation and use methods of WebAccess configuration software

2. Construction of typical monitoring system framework and Realization of basic painting functions

3 Briefly introduce the communication mode between WebAccess and hardware devices

4 Briefly introduce the basic functions and features of flash

5 This paper deeply discusses the application scope of flash in configuration and the advantages of using flash

5. This paper introduces how Advantech configuration software communicates with flash through a detailed example

student requirements:

1 Have some knowledge of configuration and experience in using configuration software

2. Students interested in the communication methods of WebAccess and flash

3 Please bring your own laptop to practice at the same time

course content

webaccess software and how much do you know about the maintenance and technical data of the biaxial impact machine? Introduce the advantages and composition of

basic terms

software environment requirements and installation process demonstration

typical application cases

establishment of typical monitoring system framework

how to establish engineering projects

how to establish monitoring nodes, communication ports Communication equipment

how to establish i/o points

how to design monitoring images

download projects and start monitoring nodes

how WebAccess integrates with flash

how to embed flash images in WebAccess

communication between WebAccess and flash

webaccess instructions how to use

in flash registration: (Miss Yang)

Advantech automatically clamps the standard tensile specimen on the impact testing machine. Training station:

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