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The peripheral financial markets generally rose PTA or suffered more shocks

Zhengzhou PTA futures closed up narrowly on the 20th, and the main 1205 contract closed at 8194 yuan/ton, up 30 yuan. PTA showed a narrow fluctuation yesterday. Concerns about Iran's geopolitical issues still support the recovery of oil prices, PX is still in the upward channel with oil prices, and support for PTA is still in place. The downstream trading atmosphere is weaker than before, which is not conducive to the rise of PTA spot price to a certain extent. Short term lack of directional guidance, long and short mentality adjustment. Overnight, crude oil rose sharply, the US dollar weakened, and European and American stock markets rose sharply. In the short term, PTA will pay attention to the pressure at the 60 day moving average above

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed for the second consecutive day on the 20th. In 2016, the national paper and paperboard production rose by 108.55 million tons, up 3.3% at one time. New housing starts in the United States rose to the highest level in more than a year, and good economic data from Germany provided support for the crude oil futures market. The settlement price of NYMEX January light and low sulfur crude oil futures contract rose by $3.34 to close at $97.22 a barrel, or 3.6%. So far in 2011, the price of crude oil futures in New York has increased by 6.4%, and in 2010, it has increased by 15%

US economic data are higher than expected. Bolt fasteners are usually classified into grades, which greatly boosted market risk appetite. New housing starts in the United States in November hit the highest level since April2010. Economists expect the median annual rate to be 635000 units. The annual rate of construction license in that month climbed to 681000 sets, the highest level since March 2010, when exports to developed countries were mainly low-end and middle-end. In addition, the strength of the euro against the US dollar also supported the rise in oil prices after the yield of three-month and six-month bonds sold by Spain fell. German economic data show that the country's economy is resisting the impact of the debt crisis in residential areas

in the upstream market, the heterogeneous MX fell $15 to USD/ton FOB Korea; Asia PX fell $14 to USD/ton FOB Korea and USD/ton CFR China, Europe fell $14 to USD/ton FOB Rotterdam, and the United States fell $27 to USD/ton FOB US Gulf. In terms of spot goods, the PTA market is strong. The price of individual shipments in the inner plate is at yuan/ton. 2. There is a large level of empty knife in the lower half of the cylinder body, and the price of individual Taiwan goods in the outer plate is at 1100 dollars/ton

in terms of downstream demand, the overall trading atmosphere of Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester market is general, most of the production and sales are in the majority, and some are slightly higher. The actual negotiated price concessions are common, and the downstream is more cautious in purchasing. Xiao Shao polyester weak finishing. For example, most of the local POY plants maintain stability; Wuxi Zhangjiagang FDY decreased slightly. The FDY quotation of a local factory is reduced by 100 yuan

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