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Looking back at the perfume bottles that brought us a visual feast, Ms. Chanel once said: the user is willing to start the experiment at 1 power on. Those bottles are my sweet memories, witnessing my surrender and conquest, and are my most cherished. The bottles she mentioned refer to hundreds of perfume bottles in the room, many of which are still empty. Perfume bottle symbolizes identity and status. Its appearance is related to our taste and lifestyle. Apart from perfume, perfume bottle itself is a kind of art with more lasting and cultural connotation, which is worth playing and appreciating, and even collecting

dkny red delicious charming red apple another fragrance

perfume bottle conveys gender information

the packaging of perfume should conform to the characteristics of perfume itself in terms of bottle shape, color and outer packaging design. A perfume bottle with perfect design will make people understand its connotation at the first sight, and even generate impulse to buy it. If the fragrance is the soul of perfume, then the perfume bottle is the coat representing the soul of perfume, which makes people feel beautiful

whether it is a simple and elegant perfume bottle or an amazing strong color, it is an inseparable beautiful coat of perfume

dkny red delicious continues the bottle design of green apple perfume and turns into a mature and rich red in color. DKNY launched the fresh be delicious perfume last year, which started the green and astringent first love. This love affair has finally come to fruition and brewed into a ripe red apple fragrance - red delicious. Bloom a sweeter, sexier and more intoxicating taste of love

flavor: spicy corique brandy, rum saffron and bean curd, bergamot and orange, mellow African coffee, cider and vanilla vodka are as delicious as cocktails; Finally, the fragrance of fruit wood, tiger orchid, sandalwood, wood oak, moss, patchouli and iris. (Figure 1)

from left to right: Anna Sui's secret wish and Jennifer Lopez dynamic lady perfume

the bottle reveals the temperament of perfume

Jacques Polge, a top perfume designer, said: a good perfume seduces people not only by smell, but also by vision. The visual impact of a perfectly designed perfume bottle actually requires about 81.67 million tons of domestic and imported waste paper in 18 years, which can catch the hearts of customers earlier than the smell temptation. Those small bottles with exquisite shapes are not just small containers for fragrance. Today, they have also become a kind of art worth collecting

the round curved appearance implies a simple and free soft fragrance. Most of the simple fragrance series choose the round or pebble shape as the inspiration for the bottle body. They are as round as jade, without any edges and corners in their hands, and are extremely warm and comfortable. Simultaneous reflection This article comes from China's largest perfume bottle trading station, China packaging bottle Perfume has the same profound connotation and does not attract attention. The representative work is Chanel's encounter. This is Chanel's first round bottle perfume. The round bottle body is like a feminine body curve, but the square bottle mouth is full of rationality. The bottle body is surrounded by metal rings. From the fragrance type to the bottle body design, its noble and elegant style is very suitable for elegant white-collar women

the mysterious fantasy style symbolizes the romantic atmosphere of fairy tales. Perfume bottles also have animal design elements. For example, Anna Sui's secret wish perfume is on the top of a special trihedral crystal bottle, with a delicate and dreamy spirit gently sitting on the exquisite fog crystal ball. This fairy is the embodiment of the fairy, symbolizing the gentle charm and power of self-confidence, magic and feminization. The perfume bottle is like a delicate carving art

the deliberate and profound image modeling presents a mysterious exotic fragrance. Some perfume bottles are shaped by the sun, moon, stars, buildings, ornaments, diamonds and hearts. Chopard Chopin's wish perfume, for example, borrows some characteristics of diamonds, imitates the shape of multi-faceted diamonds, and uses the dark blue like the night sky as the packaging color, which makes it unique and unique

fashion abstract elements represent independent spiritual fragrance. Now more and more perfume packaging designs use simple and abstract expression methods, making the whole perfume give people a simple and modern feeling, and at the same time, using various high-tech elements. Jennifer has just launched Ms. Lopez dynamic perfume is full of surprising details. Its shape is unique. You can hold it high and spin it quickly in the sun. Then, you will be pleasantly surprised to see colorful seven color beams twining and embossed colored ribbons winding and dancing on the glass bottle. The violet color below moves the beam downward, and the metal ring reflects the beautiful perfume name logo

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