Italian home Shanghai imported furniture operation

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Now the imported furniture operation center of Italian home in Shanghai has been established. Through the control of imported furniture information in Europe, the operation quality of Italian home e-commerce platform can be improved, and professional, accurate and real-time imported furniture information can be provided to users

the Shanghai operation center of Italian house includes full-time personnel such as copywriting planning, new media operation, seo/sem, customer service, etc. It is mainly responsible for the maintenance and update of the three website platforms of Italian home, yourong China and oujuhui, involving imported furniture, product design, decoration design, brand and other information

based on the global market, Italian home is an international e-commerce platform that provides home building materials. It mainly provides imported furniture and personalized customized furniture for the Chinese market to meet customers' specific tastes and needs. He has been paying attention to the e-commerce industry and providing high-quality services and help to Chinese consumers who are in urgent need of high-end home furnishings

nowadays, the Italian home Shanghai operation center is even more so. With professional operation experience and home trade experience, it has a large number of high-quality resources. In the future, the organization will be further expanded, and more high-quality talents are welcome to join it

address of Italian home Shanghai experience Pavilion: 6, building a, wending life, No. 209 wending Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai





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