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With the in-depth development of the Internet, the app in your hand is a necessity in people's life. Open your mobile phone to see wechat and Weibo in your spare time

with the in-depth development of the Internet, the app in your hand is a necessity in people's life. Open your mobile phone to see wechat and Weibo in your spare time. Go out to play and post a Weibo and a circle of friends. While social platforms penetrate people's lives, many aluminum door enterprises have found business opportunities. Using wechat and Weibo as publicity platforms is a way that many aluminum door enterprises will use

first, social platforms become brand promotion platforms. Microblogging, wechat, mobile app, QR code and other terminal tools are relatively popular communication carriers at this stage. All walks of life actively test the water and have achieved certain results. The reason for its rapid development is that demand is very important. First of all, the emergence of mobile Internet and the popularity of smart phones have contributed to the emergence of "connected consumers". The communication channels with consumers have changed from limited channels within a limited time (such as those TV channels that consumers pay attention to when watching TV) to the possibility of communicating brand information to consumers in an accurate way at all times; Second, social media is changing the definition of brand experience. Social media provides a direct platform for enterprises to communicate with consumers. At the same time, it is a great "empowerment" for consumers, making information more transparent, so that consumers' consumption experience can become a part of "brand connotation" and affect other consumers' image of the brand

second, new media pays more attention to fan groups

compared with traditional offline channels, new media marketing pays more attention to the interest and convenience of content. The basic constituent unit of the Internet era is the "fan" group, and "fan" means influence to a certain extent. After choosing to attract fans, many aluminum door enterprises are promoting door enterprises, or acting as "jokes" on the Internet, laughing and scolding intermediate marketing products. Compared with the traditional aluminum door distribution, the fan economy is the most important thing for aluminum door enterprises

it is undeniable that in the current era of the prevalence of new media, good public praise can make aluminum door enterprises achieve twice the result with half the effort in brand building, especially wechat marketing. Aluminum door enterprises can use wechat official account to carry out brand communication and services. The brand building of aluminum door enterprises can be improved from popularity to reputation. With the help of new media, wechat official account can be used to spread enterprise dynamics, corporate culture and other brand elements. With popularity and reputation, the rapid improvement of loyalty can also be expected

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