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Nowadays, fingerprint locks are used more and more. At the beginning, they were used by some rich people as luxury goods. With the fierce competition in fingerprint lock shopping malls, the quotation has also declined a lot. Now fingerprint locks have been gradually used by ordinary families. As a kind of intelligent lock, fingerprint lock is different from traditional mechanical lock. It is a high-tech commodity and a model for the application of biometric skills. But fingerprint lock is a kind of consumer goods, an electronic consumer goods, so it also has the use of standards, otherwise, it will simply show all kinds of questions, and even form the damage of fingerprint lock. Therefore, in the process of using fingerprint lock, it is necessary to pay attention to some primary matters:

1. Prevent unprofessional disassembly of fingerprint lock

fingerprint lock is a high-tech electronic commodity. The layout inside is relatively complex. If you are not clear about the layout inside, you'd better not disassemble it privately. If you really have nothing to do, you can look at the operation manual first, maybe you can consult the manufacturer, and we have special after-sales personnel to help you deal with it

2. Reduce the direct touch of fingerprint lock and water

any kind of electronic goods has this taboo. For example, mobile phones will usually be scrapped if they are flooded, if they are not waterproof. Then fingerprint lock is no exception. There will be electronic components or circuit boards in electronic goods. These components should be waterproof

3. Selection of batteries

after the customer purchases the fingerprint lock, the manufacturer will usually be equipped with a battery, which can usually be used for one year under normal operation. After the battery life runs out, you need to replace the battery from the beginning. When replacing the battery, you should pay attention to the same type of battery. It is best to have all the batteries of one brand, and pay attention to the correct connection and placement of the battery together. When the built-in battery runs out and the lock cannot be opened, the external power supply can be used. Usually, the fingerprint lock will be equipped with an external power interface for emergency use

before using the fingerprint lock, it is best for end users to know the specification of the fingerprint lock, including the device of the fingerprint lock, the device of the fingerprint lock and some common function settings, so that they can know all the fingerprint lock very well





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