A variety of pests were intercepted in the hottest

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A variety of pests were intercepted in the container to strictly prevent the entry of red imported fire ants

following many interceptions in the entry waste paper, let's study one case of red imported fire ants. Recently, Guangzhou Huangpu inspection and Quarantine Bureau intercepted this kind of pest in the empty entry containers and containers loaded with entry cotton and rice for three consecutive times. To this end, Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau recently issued a risk warning notice, requiring the inspection and quarantine institutions of all branches to strengthen the quarantine of Susceptible Items from countries and regions where red imported fire ants occur, and strictly prevent the introduction of red imported fire ants

on May 15, when there were two cracks on a knife edge in Huangpu inspection, the inspection and quarantine personnel of Yuzhu Office of the Quarantine Bureau carried out on-site quarantine on a batch of empty inbound containers at Jiali wharf. Ants were found crawling on the bottom plate of the corner of the door of one of the containers, and then samples were taken and the container was sealed. After laboratory identification and further review by relevant experts of Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, it is confirmed that it is red imported fire ant

on June 22, the inspection and quarantine personnel of the inspection and quarantine department 2 of the Xingang Office of the Huangpu inspection and Quarantine Bureau found several dead ants in one of the containers during the on-site inspection of a batch of cotton from India. After identification, they were determined to be red imported ants

caused two times of purification to the situation. Information source: Guangzhou

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