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Siemens' commitment to environmental protection in China

Siemens (China) held its annual press conference at the Beijing Aquarium on November 21, 2007. Siemens (China) will choose the blue aquarium as the place to release its achievements and future development commitments in fiscal year 2007, in order to show that it will make great achievements in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection; At the scene, Siemens (China) also displayed the logo of "harmony and justice", which shows that this multinational company, which has been operating in China since 1872, is well versed in the way of development in China

China's environmental protection business opportunities

China is the world's second largest energy consumer, accounting for 10% of the world's energy consumption. With the rapid development of economy, the demand for energy will become even greater. Energy is becoming a key factor affecting the sustainable development of China's economy. It is predicted that China's electricity demand alone will increase by three times by 2030

how to meet energy demand without increasing environmental burden? Delaying economic growth or sacrificing people's quality of life is probably not a good choice. The solution lies in energy conservation

at present, China's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection is gradually improving, and the goals to be achieved by 2010 are clearly put forward in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". At the 17th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Hu Jintao put forward the concept of building ecological civilization, which undoubtedly raised the protection and construction of the ecological environment to a new height

and this is also the technical limitation that designers often need to face. In the specific implementation, Dr. Hao Ruiqiang, President and CEO of Siemens China, believes that technological innovation is the main method to meet the challenges of energy conservation and environmental protection. Efficient power generation, renewable energy, efficient power distribution and efficient use of energy will effectively reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions

as a leading technology enterprise in the world, Siemens has invested more than 2billion euros in the research and development of fatigue strength or fatigue life test solutions used as materials or components in environmental fatigue testing machine 1. Among Siemens' 62000 valid patents, 30000 are environmental protection solutions, which have the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 10 billion tons per year

Hao Ruiqiang said that Siemens is an international enterprise that knows China best. It has the most advanced technical solutions to meet the challenges in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection faced by Chinese society in the process of achieving sustainable development, and has achieved fruitful results

figures show that in the past 10 years, the total installed capacity of Siemens AC converters alone in China has reached 14000mw, helping China save up to 5billion yuan in electricity every year

in the past transactions, the recognition of the Chinese public and enterprises for the use of high-tech energy conservation and emission reduction has been increasing. Hao Ruiqiang said that if the whole service life of the product

equipment is separated, Wang Lei (a pseudonym), a new analyst of Xinguang power generation, told reporters that the technology may be more expensive in the purchase stage, but from the whole process of the equipment being put into use, its energy consumption cost will be low, and the cost of maintenance, service and repair will also be relatively low. "At present, in China, due to institutional reasons, the procurement budget and the later use budget are separated. But we see that some private or individual enterprises have taken the investment in environmental protection and energy conservation as a whole. In this regard, they have made good attempts. The early investment can be compensated in the later equipment use cost."

and new demands are constantly emerging. In 2008, the Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, which is a proof of China's economic development and strength, but at the same time, the energy demand and consumption directly or indirectly caused by the Games will also become greater

Hao Ruiqiang said that Europe began to talk about the concept of environmental protection earlier than China. It is public concern and social needs that promote enterprises to develop environmentally friendly technologies from another perspective. In China, now is the best time

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