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Environmental protection has become the main theme of the packaging industry

in recent years, the rapid development of China's packaging industry has attracted worldwide attention. However, with the rapid development of the packaging industry, it has also become a source of pollution and is one of the resource wasting industries. According to relevant data, at present, packaging waste accounts for more than 35% of urban waste in the United States, 45% in Japan, 30% - 50% in EU countries, and at least 20% in China. Paying attention to environmental protection investment has become a top priority, and it has also become an important measure for enterprises to establish reputation and improve product popularity

at present, plastic materials are mostly used in commodity packaging. Due to poor recycling channels and other reasons, a large number of discarded waste plastics have become a public hazard. In view of this, developed countries are actively exploring the green revolution of packaging materials. On the one hand, they are developing high-tech to solve the problem of plastics, and on the other hand, they are adopting some alternative methods to reduce plastic hazards

"zero packaging", that is, packaging that does not produce garbage, also known as pollution-free packaging. Edible film belongs to zero degree packaging material. At present, the countries that carry out this research internationally include Japan, the United States and Germany. The materials for making edible films include starch, protein, natural rubber, etc. However, considering the edible ability and thin film strength, konjak, a unique plant in China, is the best. At present, edible film is still in the experimental development stage, and will become the mainstream of the packaging market in the near future

as a packaging material with little pollution, paper is the preferred material. Using paper packaging instead of plastic packaging has the advantages of easy recycling, low cost, recyclable use, and easy processing even if recycling is no longer required. In principle, the recycling and regeneration of paper can solve the problem of pollution, but it is not easy to implement, the awareness of environmental protection is not strong, and poor management will still produce a lot of garbage

we know that green packaging generally has several connotations: saving materials, less waste, saving resources and energy, easy to recycle, reuse and recycle, waste combustion to produce new energy without secondary pollution. At present, in solving the relationship between packaging and the environment, we will not only consider how to deal with the operating procedures and protection precautions of the packaging waste electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine, but also consider whether to consume natural resources and energy and affect the earth's environment. Therefore, the goal of packaging is to preserve the maximum natural resources, form the minimum amount of waste and minimize environmental pollution

facing the increasingly serious global environmental problems, it has become the bounden duty of packaging enterprises to pay attention to the physical and mental health of consumers and environmental protection. For example, Bristol (Hong Kong) Technology Co., Ltd. has actively followed the international advanced technology and trend in the research and development of "green packaging" in recent years, taking the lead in adopting environmental friendly all paper product packaging, and the most remarkable example is that it first proposed the new concept of "green packaging" in the cardboard industry

in the process of developing environmental friendly full paper product packaging, after multiple designs, repeated demonstrations and comparisons, the enterprise adopted the paper inner box made of international advanced and special injection molding technology, which is not only light and beautiful, but also non-toxic and harmless, and easy to recycle and reuse. The new concept of "green packaging" put forward by Bristol (Hong Kong) Technology Co., Ltd. has realized the full "green" of paperboard products. It is beneficial to environmental protection and "green packaging" in terms of reducing production recovery costs, saving resource consumption and pollution-free. It is in line with the current new trend of international environmental protection packaging and represents the future development direction of the packaging industry

according to data, in recent years, there have been nearly 1000 green packaging enterprises in China, with an industry investment of more than 8billion yuan and an annual total output value of more than 3 billion yuan. It can be seen that domestic packaging enterprises have begun to take shape in the research and development of environmental friendly "green packaging", and gradually form the theme of which is better than the packaging industry. It can be seen that many enterprises that have not yet focused on the research and development of environmental friendly packaging should focus their strategic vision on the research and development of sustainable development as soon as possible. Only by setting off a green revolution in packaging materials within the enterprise can the competitiveness of enterprises be improved

with the increasingly serious global environmental problems of universal testing machine for environmental design and the gradual enhancement of people's awareness of protecting the earth and protecting green, "green packaging" is showing vitality under people's strong demand, making environmental protection the main rule of the packaging industry and forming an irresistible trend in the world. In order to comply with this trend, it has become an urgent task for our packaging industry to rely on environmental protection "green packaging" to win in the development of grasping the trend and strengthening the industry. Therefore, keeping up with international standards, improving competitiveness with science and technology, winning market share by brand, and making environmental friendly 3D model packaging with high intensity and accurate precision through laser 3D printing technology to create large-scale benefits are the only way to promote China's gradual development into a packaging power

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