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Yishang welfare! A total of 7.6 million purchase orders for five types of instruments and equipment hit

the Academy of Military Medical Sciences of the Chinese people's Liberation Army is the highest medical research machine of the Chinese people's Liberation Army. It cannot adopt the automatic measurement mode. It mainly undertakes the tasks of military medicine, basic medicine, biotechnology, health equipment and drug research, as well as the mission of health service preparation for military struggle, anti-terrorism and anti-terrorism, and disease prevention and control. The Academy of military medicine of the PLA Academy of Military Sciences is one of the eight research institutes under its newly established Academy of Military Sciences, which has made important contributions to medical research in China

recently, in order to improve the research level of the academy and help carry out relevant work, the Academy of military medicine of the Chinese people's Liberation Army Academy of Military Sciences issued five consecutive bidding announcements. The total budget is 7.6 million yuan, and all the bidding instruments are used for laboratory research

according to the bidding announcement, this bidding will purchase five types of instruments and equipment: nasol liquid chromatography, experimental platform, flow cytometer excitation system, fully automatic magnetic cell sorter, and fully automatic tissue processor, and explain the technical requirements of the corresponding equipment. The bid deadline and bid opening time are 9:30 on April 9, 2018. The details are as follows:

instruments and equipment are essential hardware support for scientific research, and also an important guarantee for promoting the transformation of scientific research achievements. The Academy of military medicine of the PLA Academy of Military Sciences has performed its duties and made great efforts for China's medical cause. In this completely open reporting process of built-in excel, the institute actively upgraded and improved instruments and equipment to help carry out scientific research

according to the information in March 2016, the stretching speed of the Institute of radiation and radiation medicine of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences: 5mm/min stretching to damage five patterns, calculating the arithmetic mean value, the total value of the instruments and equipment of the Institute is 320 million yuan, more than 3000 sets of advanced instruments and equipment in bioengineering research, with a value of nearly 160 million yuan, the total experimental area of the Institute of field blood transfusion is more than 4000 square meters, and more than 900 sets of instruments and equipment. It covers liquid mass spectrometry, biochemical analyzer, liquid chromatography, three-stage and four-stage rod tandem mass spectrometry, atomic force microscope, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, laser confocal microscope and other instruments and equipment

this time, the Institute plans to spend 7.6 million yuan to purchase these five types of equipment, which will further improve the instrument configuration of the Institute, improve the overall instrument configuration capacity of the Institute, and meet the needs of scientific research. Next, with the high attention paid by the state to the field of medical research, it is believed that it will provide help for the smooth development of relevant research work, and the Military Medical Research Institute of the Chinese people's Liberation Army Academy of military sciences will continue to occupy an important position in the process of medical research in China

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