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Environmental protection experts gathered at the third global digital conference of aveva Jianwei software to discuss how to reduce the carbon footprint with technology

industry leaders gathered at the aveva world digital conference to talk about how emerging technologies can promote the achievement of sustainability and business goals, and how interconnected employees can help promote the digital journey

London, UK, January 20, 2021 aveva world digital, the global leader in engineering and industrial software, announced today that the third aveva world digital conference will be held from January 26 to 28, 2021, with the theme of accelerating your digital intelligence

this online conference will focus on the innovation path of the world's leading enterprises and how they can apply intelligent software to reshape industrial business operations. The conference will show how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, digital twins, visualization, and data and analysis will promote sustainability and help enterprises implement major reform measures to improve the environment

technology plays an important role in improving enterprise operations, including helping to achieve real-time optimization, improve decision-making and realize digital business operations. At the same time, it can also significantly reduce costs through staff telecommuting. In addition, in the face of the pressure brought by the COVID-19, industrial enterprises began to put sustainable business strategies on the agenda, and chief technology officers have regarded sustainability as the top priority of the transformation task. Therefore, many enterprises have begun to use real-time environmental monitoring technology to reduce carbon emissions from heavy industry. Visualization, digital twins, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are all key technologies to help enterprises achieve these goals

this conference will focus on sustainable development, It includes the following agenda:

Zhao Guohua, President and CEO of Schneider Electric, will make a keynote speech on the topic that exploring a sustainable future will become the source of innovation and opportunities for enterprises in 2021

Lisa Johnston, chief marketing officer and chief strategic officer of aveva Jianwei software, will focus on sharing how visionary enterprises should accelerate their sustainable development actions

Eastman Chemical Company Director Jan shumate will talk about how Eastman uses digital transformation to promote sustainable innovation

the executive sponsor forum is organized by Lisa Johnston, chief marketing officer and Chief Strategic Officer of aveva Jianwei software, and hosted by Lisa wee, director of sustainable development of aveva Jianwei software. Speakers from Microsoft, Accenture and verdantiax will focus on how to work together to achieve a sustainable future at the forum

craig Hayman, CEO of aveva Jianwei software, said: Digitalization and sustainable development are just two sides of a coin. We integrate our extensive and in-depth expertise into the cloud platform, which enables our customers to optimize their engineering design, business operations and performance, so as to achieve environmental improvement in many aspects. In this way, the industrial software solution of aveva Jianwei software will promote enterprises to achieve sustainable force application institutions. As more and more customers put forward this demand, we have carried out extensive cooperation with them to promote sustainable development through innovation. This kind of digital strategy, which clearly realizes the speed control of the moving beam of the experimental machine, and realizes the batch supply of Chery new energy and Tesla in the United States, can promote the achievement of environmental protection, social progress and Moral Governance, and finally strengthen the cultural construction and improve the long-term business sustainability

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this conference will provide more than 50 training courses and on-site networking exchanges, which will enable participants to deeply insight and understand the solutions and trends of the industry, including how to reform business operations, improve digital level and maintain competitiveness. At this meeting, participants can also talk with aveva Jianwei software experts, because most thermoplastic materials will not chat when the experiment is interrupted. At the same time, the interactive virtual exhibition will launch 10 strategic successful case demonstrations, covering topics such as asset performance, integrated engineering design, value chain optimization, aveva connect, edge to enterprise operation, industrial artificial intelligence (AI), interconnected employees, etc

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