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"Environmental protection coating" has become a gimmick of many businesses' promotion

"environmental protection coating" in the view of the above people has become a gimmick of many businesses' promotion

July 22, 2005

with the enhancement of citizens' awareness of environmental protection, more and more people choose green environmental protection materials when decorating their homes. Many paint manufacturers have also launched advertisements such as "benzene free" and "green environmental protection" to attract business. However, relevant experts said that many of the so-called "environmental friendly" paints on the market are gimmicks of business promotion

"environmentally friendly paint" is not environmentally friendly

Mr. Liu, who was shopping in the harbor decoration materials market, told him that he intended to buy environmentally friendly paint, but the paint on the market was labeled "benzene free and environmentally friendly", which made him unable to choose

after visiting many decorative material markets in our city, we found that there are more than 100 kinds of decorative paints in the building materials market in Hong Kong and city. Except for fake materials, most of the production enterprises are concentrated in Shunde, Zhongshan and other places in Guangdong. Almost all brands of paint have the signboards of "benzene free environmental protection" and "benzene free green" paint, but the prices vary widely. Take wall paint as an example. The price of a barrel of lippon Medley is about 330 yuan for the first generation and 420 yuan for the second generation. The lowest price of some unknown products is only about 160 yuan

the price difference is so great. Are these so-called environmentally friendly paints really environmentally friendly? Insiders pointed out that "benzene free paint is not equal to environmentally friendly paint. Although some paints on the market do not contain benzene, they generally contain toluene and xylene, which are harmful to human body." Mr. Zhao, the general agent of a well-known paint enterprise in Yantai, told that according to the national standard, the content of benzene in paint cannot exceed 0.5%, while the limit of toluene and xylene exceeding the standard is 10% - 45%. Some manufacturers only say that it is benzene free paint, and consumers often think that there are no other pollutants without benzene. In fact, it is a kind of misleading to consumers by dealers

the certification certificate is fishy

Mr. Xu, who lives in fenghuangtai, carefully examined the outer package of the product before buying paint, which clearly marked "national certification", "standard paint", "non-toxic, tasteless, safe to use" and other words. But after the decoration, the smell in the house did not disperse for a month. After staying in the room for one night, he had many red pimples on his body. He went to the hospital for examination and found out that it was paint allergy

it is understood that there are various "fishy" certificates displayed by some businesses in the market. According to the relevant person from the Municipal Quality Supervision Department, compliance with national standards does not mean environmental protection products. National standards are only the most basic quality requirements. The "green standard" is much stricter than the national standard. Some businesses use consumers' vague understanding of "national standards" and "green standards" to make profits, and even use various so-called "green product recommendation certificates" to deceive consumers. In fact, green environmental protection products should be confirmed by the national certification and Accreditation Administration, rather than any organization can do it all

be careful when buying paint

according to the municipal consumers' Association, complaints about indoor air pollution have been on the rise in recent years, and the pollution caused by indoor decoration and furniture has attracted widespread public attention. According to Yang Guoming, director of the physical department of the Bureau of quality and technical supervision, the qualified rate of more than 100 kinds of decorative paints in the port and city market can reach 82%. The main problem of unqualified products is that benzene and formaldehyde exceed the standard

in view of the coexistence of environmental friendly paint and low-quality paint in the current building materials market, relevant people suggest that consumers should recognize the "ten rings" icon when buying, which is also the simplest way to identify "green products". At the same time, it is best to buy eco-friendly paint in some major brand stores. Generally, the environmental friendly paint is made of imported raw materials, and the bright paint is water white and crystal clear; The matt paint is translucent and slightly turbid, without redness, blackening and sedimentation. In addition, the environmental friendly paint has a mild, elegant smell and pure fragrance; As soon as the inferior paint is opened, it emits a strong pungent smell or other unknown odor that China has been in the forefront of graphene industrialization. After mastering the above identification methods, consumers will penetrate all kinds of promotional mists of businesses and buy real environmentally friendly paint

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