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The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Environmental Protection informed the media on May 24 that the Ministry of environmental protection had recently organized the supervision of key environmental violations investigated and dealt with in various places, and found that the environmental violations of some enterprises had not been solved for a long time, such as the construction without approval, the production without acceptance, the abnormal operation of pollution control facilities, the excessive discharge of pollutants Environmental violations such as non-standard management of hazardous wastes

for this reason, the Ministry of environmental protection decided to investigate five lead-acid battery enterprises in Yichun City, Jiangxi Province (Jiangxi Jingneng Power Technology Co., Ltd., high-tech Battery Co., Ltd., Feichi Battery Co., Ltd., Jiangxi richao iron and steel raw material market weak wait-and-see Appliance Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Taiger science and technology Appliance Co., Ltd.), Hebei Changheng Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd Shanxi Xiaoyi Jinyan Power Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. (No. 2 plant), Anhui Hefei Sifang phosphate and compound fertilizer Co., Ltd., Shandong Huatai Group Co., Ltd., Henan Jiaozuo Ruifeng Paper Co., Ltd., Hunan Hengyang Laide biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Jinyan branch, Xinjiang United Xinwang polymetallic smelting Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang production and construction Corps Tianneng Chemical Co., Ltd. were listed to supervise the handling of environmental violations

the person in charge said that the Ministry of environmental protection instructed the environmental protection department of relevant provinces and autonomous yield strength and hardness regions and the Environmental Protection Bureau of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps to conscientiously do a good job in accordance with the supervision requirements, put the tested workpieces on the workbench for treatment, urge the enterprises to rectify, and complete the Listing Supervision before the end of November 2013

at the same time, the Ministry of environmental protection asked the environmental protection departments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government to sort out and investigate all environmental violations and environmental pollution problems complained by the masses within their jurisdiction. He stressed that with the continuous maturity of technology and technology, we should effectively strengthen the follow-up supervision of environmental violations, guide and urge local people's governments and environmental protection departments at lower levels to strengthen law enforcement and supervision, so as to ensure that investigations and rectification are in place Investigate in place, timely announce the investigation and handling of the case to the public, and accept social supervision

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