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Environmental protection "reinvigoration" to overcome pollution problems

environmental protection "reinvigoration" to overcome pollution problems

preparation of samples in 2017 June 5

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on June 2, Zhongyuan Oilfield natural gas treatment plant made environmental reinvigoration and successfully completed the propane system vent gas recovery and transformation project. After the implementation of the transformation, the venting volume of propane can be reduced by 24 tons per year

in recent years, the plant has always regarded the control of pollution emissions as a social responsibility that a state-owned enterprise should undertake. Before the transformation of the project, during the startup of the unit, the instantaneous amount of air released from the propane system became large and the temperature was low, so the flare recovery system was difficult to recover and could only be discharged to the flare system for combustion. This part of the material is discharged into the flare system and burned to produce a large amount of black smoke, which pollutes the environment

in view of the dual problems of propane loss and environmental pollution, the plant organized scientific researchers to set up a research team, went deep into the plant site to seriously study countermeasures, and established and launched the "propane system vent air recovery and transformation project"

after the start of the project, the scientific researchers of the plant demonstrated from the process principle, and defined the method of discharging the propane vent air to the feed gas pipe for recovery, ensuring that the feed gas pressure is about 0.4 MPa. A new pipeline is added to the vent pipeline at the top of the three intermediate separators to the inlet of the feed gas inlet separator, and the propane vent air is effectively recovered through the manual control of the vent valve and the main manifold valve

in view of the problem that the material level of the three intermediate separators is too high to affect the restart of the system when the device is switched or the propane system is shut down abnormally, the factory uses the reserved flange at the bottom of the intermediate separator as the drain port to discharge the liquid-phase propane in the separator to the refrigerant buffer tank, realizing the controllable state of the propane system in response to emergencies

the person in charge of the quality, safety and environmental protection department of the plant said: at present, the propane system vent recovery reconstruction project has been successfully put into use. It is hoped that this kind of method can promote the development of all industries. It is expected that the propane vent volume can be reduced by 24 tons every year, creating direct economic benefits. 13 testing machine testing of plastic film impact strength testing machine At the same time, it avoids the air pollution caused by this, and realizes the energy conservation and consumption reduction in production and operation

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