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Environmental protection industry has become a new engine for Zoomlion's development

in June this year, another "energy conservation and environmental protection" in China is an important direction in the strategic emerging industry. The rubber compound made of soya oil is actually easier to integrate with other compounds that make tires (such as silicon dioxide). Through mergers and acquisitions, Zoomlion environmental industry company obtained 75% of the property rights of Italian ladurner (nadule) company, in order to plan a new layout for the global development strategy of environmental protection industry. This move is particularly beautiful under the global background of economic downturn and sluggish enterprise growth. In the first eight months of this year, the company's marketing volume continued to grow by more than 20%, becoming a new engine worthy of the name of Zoomlion group

Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. is the division of professional environmental sanitation and environmental protection equipment under Zoomlion. Starting from environmental sanitation equipment, it has become a "Big Mac" in the segment market of environmental protection equipment. Its products are the global development trend of the automotive industry, covering road cleaning, garbage collection and transportation, municipal maintenance, new energy vehicles, waste sorting, kitchen waste, construction waste, sewage sludge, leachate treatment and other environmental treatment equipment, There are nearly 200 models in 10 categories, with a production capacity of more than 10000 sets. In 2014, the operating revenue was nearly 5billion yuan. As the largest environmental sanitation equipment manufacturer in China, the market share of environmental sanitation products has ranked first in the country for 13 consecutive years

in order to plan for the further development of the environmental protection industry, this year, the company acquired Italy ladurner (nadule), a leading European provider of all-round environmental solutions and investment operator, and fully absorbed ladurner's more than 20 years of experience in environmental technology and engineering design, construction and operation, to build China's only environmental protection industry base integrating special technology for equipment research and development and engineering design technology, so as to open up the waste treatment chain, It provides systematic solutions from front-end waste cleaning, collection to middle-end compression, transportation, sorting, and then end-to-end disposal. It is the only provider of "front-end + middle end + end" waste whole process solutions in China. Entering the global environmental protection industry from a high starting point, this machine can not only play a better role in the power line industry

accelerate the transformation in development, and build a global environmental protection industry giant integrating equipment manufacturing, investment and operation in China and even the world

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