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Hubei Jingmen industrial cluster development visit

Abstract: Jingmen has built 20 industrial parks, including Jingshan Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park and Zhongxiang CNC Machine Tool Industrial Park, around the seven leading industries of equipment manufacturing, new energy and new materials, chemical industry, deep processing of agricultural products, electronic information, renewable resources utilization and manufacturing, and great health

on the first day of the interview in Jingmen, a message popped up in the computer software "Tencent" window: the location of Jingmen high-speed railway station and high-speed railway new city was determined, and the three high-speed railways met here...

on November 17, official account "Hubei release" reported that among the top 100 private enterprises in Hubei in 2017, Jingmen private enterprises ranked fourth in the province in terms of total revenue and first in terms of household average profit

recently, Jingchu visited Jingmen to explore the development path of its industrial clusters

Jingmen in central Hubei, the Bank of Han River and the gateway of Jingchu, was originally a large agricultural county. Since the merger of cities and counties, Jingmen's industry, especially the cultivation of industrial clusters, has a strong momentum. "Willfulness and stubbornness" is the disposition of Jingmen people, which makes the city more open and integrated

the "Shayang model" of continuous land cultivation by household has been written into the No. 1 central document for two consecutive years; The comprehensive reform of agricultural water price is in the forefront of the country; The overall reform of medical insurance outpatient service has become a national pioneer in exploring the way...

too much humidity will weaken the grinding effect of polishing

building a central city in Jianghan Plain is the urban positioning of Jingmen; Cultivating modern industrial clusters is the development path of Jingmen; Building Hubei into a regional growth pole is the great trust of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to Jingmen

Jingmen firmly establishes the development concept of "investment first, industry first, industry first", implements the two strategies of "China's agricultural Valley" and "Bupleurum revitalization", vigorously cultivates characteristic industrial clusters through the development of characteristic industrial parks, and promotes the accelerated transformation and development of the city

Zhang Yitao, the mayor of Jingmen, said at the meeting to honor the preferential enterprise policy: "only by letting merchants truly understand Jingmen, highly recognize Jingmen, and actively settle in Jingmen, can Jingmen win development opportunities, win development space, win development elements, and remain invincible in regional competition."

it is an important feature of modern economy that enterprises are interrelated and develop into industrial clusters. So, how does Jingmen cultivate industrial clusters

the Jingmen Changfeng cheetah auto project took only 36 days from negotiation to signing and site selection; It took only 15 months from the commencement of construction to the conditions for production...

in recent years, Jingmen has taken investment attraction as the "No. 1 project", vigorously promoted the investment attraction of the industrial chain, and realized the transformation from the enterprise to the industry

the implementation of investment attraction focusing on assets and allowing enterprises to "move in" with less assets is the biggest highlight of investment attraction in Jingmen, and it is also an important factor for the active construction of Jingmen project

Yujiangtao, director of the County Office of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, said that in the first 10 months of this year, 48 heavy asset projects were started in Jingmen, covering an area of more than 4 million square meters

promoting the construction of the park, implementing overall planning, promoting differentiated competition, and striving for dislocation development are another bright spot for Jingmen to put in the breakpoint ratio and return to the waiting test interface to cultivate industrial clusters, and the results are obvious

Jingmen has successively built 20 industrial parks, including Jingshan Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park and Zhongxiang CNC Machine Tool Industrial Park, around the seven leading industries of equipment manufacturing, new energy and new materials, chemical industry, deep processing of agricultural products, electronic information, utilization and manufacturing of renewable resources, and great health

in the cultivation of characteristic industrial clusters, Jingmen strengthened regulation, improved various supporting policies, reduced enterprise costs, and helped the industrial development of the park

data confirmed changes:

the seven key growth industrial clusters in Jingmen province have maintained a growth trend, in which the output value of electronic information, new energy and new materials, renewable resources utilization and manufacturing, great health and other four industries increased by more than 14%

Shayang green food and Qujialing ecological agricultural products processing cluster has four agricultural products processing parks, gathering more than 470 enterprises, seven industrial chains and more than 9 million mu of production bases, driving more than 200000 farmers to start businesses and obtain employment

this industrial cluster has produced a snowballing agglomeration effect. Last year, the output value exceeded 130 billion yuan, accounting for 40% of the city's total industrial output value, becoming the most direct "industrial" cluster for farmers to increase their income. He is particularly grateful for the dilemma he once had

from the "material and cultural needs" to the "needs of a better life", Jingmen launched a three-year action plan for improving people's Livelihood: promoting poverty alleviation and relocation in other places, building, rebuilding and expanding kindergartens, transforming and upgrading rural dead end roads and flood damaged roads, building rural happy homes and mutual care centers for the elderly, and expanding the functions of a standardized social management platform, The proportion of people's livelihood expenditure in the general public budget expenditure in Jingmen has remained above 75% for five consecutive years, 247000 people have been lifted out of poverty, a total of 264000 urban employed people have been added, and the ratio of days with good air quality in the central urban area has increased year by year

education, medical treatment, employment... These visible, touchable and enjoyable happiness, like a "clear stream of people's livelihood", flows into the hearts of the people in Jingmen

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