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Environmental protection helps the rapid development of color box packaging industry

there has always been a field of color box packaging in the field of paper packaging. In the early stage of development, its development area was limited to the field of tobacco and pharmaceutical packaging in order to better meet the needs of the market. However, with the continuous embodiment of its advantages, it has become one of the main packaging methods in the field of FMCG. With the implementation of green environmental protection, color box packaging will undoubtedly usher in the climax of development, thereby promoting the development of color box packaging machinery industry

color box refers to the folding carton made of cardboard and fine corrugated board. The color fine corrugated board must be strictly in accordance with the device requirements of the instrument and equipment. It has many characteristics, such as exquisite design, excellent production, environmental protection and durability. Its main raw materials include facial paper (white board paper and white cardboard), corrugated paper, ink and adhesive. The raw materials are not different from other paper packaging, and the sources are relatively wide, which does not constitute an obvious industry threshold. In terms of technology, since the late 1990s, computer-aided design and aided manufacturing (CAD CAM) have been widely used in the design and production of color boxes. The production process mainly includes prepress design and production, printing plate printing, glazing, film stamping, die cutting, folding and pasting boxes. With the popularization of mechanization and the gradual penetration of computer technology in recent years, the technological process of color box packaging has been relatively mature and perfect, and the whole industry is also constantly improving in the direction of high automation, low scrap rate, process integration and environmental protection

according to the survey data of smitherspira company, paper packaging ranks first in the global packaging industry with a demand of US $2010 billion, which is expected to increase to US $250billion by 2016. Among them, cosmetics, tobacco, health care products and other high-end commodities are increasingly inclined to adopt novel creative packaging design of color boxes, so as to highlight differentiation through packaging in sales. Therefore, with the increasing demand for exquisite color packaging in the market, the market space of the color box packaging industry is constantly expanding and its importance is also increasing. At present, the domestic color box industry has not been fully developed. The representative enterprises engaged in color box packaging include the unlisted Yutong group, Oct (Asia) Holding Co., Ltd. (hk3366) and Hongxing printing group (hk0450)

in the field of packaging, because the color box has been limited to the field of tobacco and pharmaceutical packaging in the early days, it has not become the main packaging method of FMCG, so its share in the packaging market is limited. The relatively stable market demand makes the color box itself have no higher and more detailed requirements. Until the end of the last century, for reasons such as environmental protection, color boxes slowly began to be respected by the market. In addition to the two fields previously occupied, there is now a very considerable growth in new markets such as food packaging, household chemical products packaging, and consumer electronics packaging

it is more difficult to make an appropriate substrate

in developed countries in Europe and the United States, it is favored by end users in various industries, surpassing other packaging forms at one stroke, and has become the mainstream packaging form in the European and American packaging market at present. Moreover, in the packaging market of these developed countries, there is a clear awareness of the color box packaging market

after nearly 30 years of development, China's color box packaging industry has now reached the mid-term stage of industrialization, and the prototype of large-scale and intensive development has been formed. With the gradual disappearance of the financial crisis, the foreign paper products packaging market has warmed up; At the same time, some Chinese paper products packaging export enterprises have transformed from export to domestic sales, and domestic policies have given strong support to the paper products packaging industry. China's color box packaging industry has seen a thriving development situation, with the color box market growth rate reaching 17%, and the market development prospect is attractive. However, compared with the developed countries in Europe and the United States, China's color box packaging market is still in the immature price segment, and there is still no clear awareness of the color box packaging market segment. For a long time, color box packaging has not been defined in a specific scope, and there is no accurate understanding of the scope of color box packaging. Subdivide the color box packaging market, accurately understand the scope of color box packaging, and make it bigger and stronger as a subject to be solved by Chinese packaging industry decision makers

from the evolution of packaging in developed countries in Europe and the United States, as a mature packaging form with environmental protection and high cost performance, color boxes have unlimited development prospects. Moreover, with the rapid consumption growth brought by China's sustained economic growth, the market development of color box packaging as a carrier of goods will also have a bright prospect

with the rapid economic development in the late 20th century, resource consumption and environmental protection have also become two hot issues of global ecology. Packaging is closely related to it. Therefore, developed and developing countries are actively investing and exploring to establish corresponding green packaging systems and promote the development of green packaging. The research and development of green packaging is the inevitable trend of social development, and it is also the hot spot of competition in the future packaging market

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