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With the implementation of the national strategy of developing the Great West, Yunnan Province, located in the southwest border of the motherland, is facing unprecedented development opportunities, and its society, economy and culture will be further developed. As the printing industry that serves and reflects this great change, it will also obtain a rare development opportunity for the automatic uniform cooling and constant temperature industry of samples

I. the development status of the printing industry in Yunnan Province

in history, the printing industry in Yunnan is not backward. There was block printing in the Song Dynasty when Dali was in power. There are large prints at the end of the volume of "Da Hua Yan Fang Guangpu often used nylon 66 and pbt1, which are less than 500h like Xian miesin praising Buddha's name and treasure confession", engraved in the fifth year of Yan Zong Yan of the Yuan Dynasty (1318). Experts call them "fine and exquisite engraving, which is no less than Huizhou engraving". In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there were official, commercial and private publishing and engraving institutions, and wood movable type printing was widely used. In 1910 (the second year of Xuantong), the "Yunnan official seal bureau" (now the predecessor of Yunnan Xinhua Printing Industry Corporation), one of the country's oldest three printing enterprises, was established, marking the rise of modern printing industry in Yunnan. During the war of resistance against Japan, Yunnan became the rear area of the war of resistance against Japan, and a large number of cultural, economic, and administrative institutions moved into Yunnan, making Yunnan's printing industry once prosperous. By the end of the 1940s, there were more than 100 printing plants (institutes, libraries) in the province, with more than 2000 employees. Three or four of these manufacturers can carry out offset printing and make copper zinc plates, and most of the others are engaged in lithography or lead printing

the great development of Yunnan's printing industry was after the founding of the people's Republic of China. In the 1950s, the first backbone printing enterprises of books, newspapers and periodicals of Yunnan People's printing factory were successively established, and a number of small printing enterprises were successively rebuilt or newly built in various regions, prefectures, cities and counties. In the 1960s and 1970s, due to the need to print Mao Zedong's works, portraits and a large number of political learning materials, printing enterprises all over the country have added advanced printing equipment, so that the printing capacity and quality of books, periodicals and color pictures have been greatly improved. At the same time, a number of backbone packaging trademark enterprises represented by Kunming color printing factory have been formed, which has made great progress in the product structure of Yunnan printing industry

after the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the printing industry in Yunnan Province has ushered in new opportunities for development. In the past two decades, printing enterprises in the province, especially the "three printing" operators of printing, photocopying and photocopying, have sprung up. By the end of 1998, according to incomplete statistics, there were 3270 printing enterprises (including "three printing" operators) in the province, with more than 40000 employees. Among them, there are 110 publication printing license enterprises, 527 other printing license enterprises, 231 packaging and decoration printing license enterprises, and 2402 "three printing" license operators, which do not include the scientific research, education and material supply departments that directly provide supporting services for printing enterprises. At present, the printing industry in Yunnan Province has basically formed a complete set of industry management, production, scientific research, education, information, industry organization and material sales departments; Convex, flat, concave, silk, flexographic printing and iron sheet, plastic, self-adhesive, commercial paper, ceramic decal printing, as well as gold stamping, die cutting indentation, embossing, film coating, calendering and other printing processes are complete, which can basically meet the needs of modern printing industry in publishing, trademark packaging and social and cultural goods printing in this province. In 1999, the sales revenue of the printing industry in the province was 3.15 billion yuan (including 2.467 billion yuan of sales revenue of packaging and decoration printing), and the profit was 425 million yuan. In terms of equipment strength and economic strength, it ranks first among the nine provinces and cities in the West

however, the vigorous development also exposed many problems in our guidance and management of the development of the printing industry. First, there is a lack of planning for the layout of the printing industry in the province, and the establishment demonstration and approval of enterprises are not strict, resulting in unreasonable layout of the printing industry and serious low-level repeated construction; Second, the management responsibilities are not clear. Many administrative departments have the right to approve. Some administrative departments only charge management fees and do not study how to manage; Third, without the ability of macro-control and management, the printing industry can not get the necessary guidance and support, and it is laissez faire, which makes some enterprises violate regulations or illegally print in order to unilaterally pursue economic benefits. The most prominent is that with the rapid development of Yunnan's cigarette industry, many enterprises flocked to gravure printing lines for printing cigarette labels. As a result, the printing force far exceeded the need of printing volume, causing nearly half of the printing force to be idle and wasted. This is a very profound lesson

in response to the existing problems, in the spring of 1999, according to the requirements of the State Council and the notice on the rectification of the National Printing Industry issued by the state publishing administration, the Ministry of public security and the Administration for Industry and commerce, combined with the actual situation of Yunnan, the printing industry of the whole province was cleaned up and rectified, and the expected results were achieved. Through the clean-up and rectification, first, we have basically found out the base number of various printing enterprises in our province, laying a foundation for reasonably planning the layout of various printing enterprises in our province, formulating compression plans, establishing archives of various printing enterprises (business households), and strengthening daily supervision and management. Second, outlaws were banned, violations were investigated and dealt with, and the normal printing order was maintained. Third, control the total amount and optimize the existing printing enterprises. Through combination, merger, reorganization, transfer of production, suspension and other means, there are 2645 printing enterprises (including business households) approved and licensed in the province, with more than 30000 employees, including 101 publication printing license enterprises, 9 special license enterprises, 420 other printing license enterprises, 214 packaging and decoration printing license Enterprises, and 1907 "three printing" licensed business households. The fourth is to make a reasonable layout based on the actual situation of the printing market in Yunnan Province. Among the publication printing license enterprises identified after the rectification, 5 are designated as national designated printing enterprises and 20 are designated as provincial designated printing enterprises. At the same time, according to the needs of the printing task of primary and secondary school textbooks in the province, 28 publication printing license enterprises have been approved to be qualified and designated as primary and secondary school textbook printing license enterprises in Yunnan Province. In terms of layout, given that Kunming is the economic, political and cultural center of the province, there are 55 enterprises with reduced publication printing license, accounting for 60% of the total, 2-5 households in other regions and prefectures, and 1 household in individual prefectures. It has changed the situation that some local and state publication printing enterprises did not have in the past. At the same time, considering the actual needs of printing internal information publications in a few remote areas, 26 other printing license enterprises have been specially approved to undertake the printing task of a certain number of discontinuous internal information publications. For the printing of packaging and decoration prints, based on the actual situation in Yunnan, more than 20 households have been identified as provincial designated printing enterprises to ensure the production scale and quality level of such products. Fifth, we improved and improved various management systems and strengthened industry management

in March this year, the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress deliberated and passed the "Regulations on the administration of publishing in Yunnan Province", which also made clear provisions on the management of printing and reproduction, straightened out the management system of the printing industry in the province, and clearly proposed to implement centralized and unified management; Define the management authority of the administrative departments at all levels of publishing; Put forward the basic management system that printing and reproduction units should abide by. This not only consolidated the results of the rectification of the printing industry in the province, but also standardized the printing management and printing behavior in the form of laws and regulations, laying a solid foundation for the healthy development of the printing industry in the province in the future

among the national peers, the printing of packaging and decoration printing materials (mainly cigarette labels and other trademark packaging and decoration printing) in Yunnan Province is an advanced level. In the second national packaging and decoration printing evaluation, it won the "China Packaging boutique" award and was tied for the first place with Shanghai. For example, Kunming Color Printing Co., Ltd. has a total of 84 sets of various printing equipment, including 24 sets of advanced imported equipment. It is the backbone enterprise of professional printing of medium and high-end trademark packaging and decoration in Yunnan cigarette industry and light industry, medicine, food, daily chemical industry, and the national advanced packaging enterprise; Yunnan Qiaotong packaging and printing company is a packaging and decoration printing enterprise with the most and most complete Swiss Bobst equipment in China, which can carry out seven color gravure and double-sided printing. It was rated as "national excellent packaging enterprise" by China Packaging Association in 1995 and 1998, and its products have won the honorary title of "China Packaging essence". These two enterprises won the ISO9002 international quality system certification in 1998 and 1999 respectively. In addition, enterprises such as Yuxi Printing Co., Ltd., Yunnan Tonghai arts and crafts factory, Yunnan Honghe color printing and packaging Co., Ltd., Huaning Yongxing Color Printing Co., Ltd., Yuxi global color printing carton Co., Ltd., Yunnan Jiujiu Color Printing Co., Ltd. are all such correctors; In terms of book printing, Yunnan Xinhua Printing Industry Corporation has more advanced book printing equipment in the province, and the quality of primary and secondary school textbooks printed has entered the national advanced ranks. From 1993 to 1995, its total sales revenue, total profits and total profits and taxes were among the best in the country

at present, the main problems in Yunnan's printing industry are: low overall quality, poor adaptability, and lack of talents. These need to be further improved

II. The development prospect of Yunnan's printing industry

after the country put forward the strategy of vigorously developing the west, the Yunnan provincial Party committee and the provincial government, after serious thinking and research, combined with the reality of Yunnan, put forward the development goal of building Yunnan Province into a "strong green economy province", "a big province of national culture" and China's international channel connecting Southeast Asia and South Asia. Under such a situation, Yunnan printing industry, as a service for the development of Yunnan's economy, society and culture, will also obtain a historic and rare development opportunity

first, commercial printing. Due to the geographical advantages of Yunnan, it will be an important channel from land to Southeast Asia and South Asia. A large amount of economic and commercial information will come and go from here, and the related commercial printing is bound to get excellent development opportunities. The characteristics of commercial printing are fast, diverse varieties and specifications, and the batch is not necessarily large. Printing manufacturers are required to transmit various commercial information to users at the fastest speed. At present, Yunnan's fast printing is still relatively backward, which has a bright future

second, publication printing. Yunnan has a strong printing capacity for general publications. The publication printing enterprises with Yunnan Xinhua Printing Industry Corporation and Yunnan national defense printing factory as the backbone, regardless of the advanced production equipment and technical force at home and abroad, are the best and strongest in Yunnan Province. At present, the primary and secondary school textbooks printed by these two state-owned large and medium-sized printing enterprises account for more than 70% of the total printing volume of the province, and they also undertake a considerable part of the printing task of Yunnan edition books and newspapers. In terms of the printing quality of publications, Yunnan's overall level is at the upper middle level of the country, of which middle and primary school textbooks were rated 10th in the national quality inspection evaluation in 1999. In 1999, there were 1013 kinds of excellent products and 13303407 prints from the National Evaluation Bureau. Our company's experimental machine technology is very advanced, which is 2.25 times and 2.27 times that of 1998 respectively. However, in the printing of exquisite and high-end books, picture albums and other publications, there is a big gap because the printing equipment is not matched and the technology is not suitable. The Yunnan provincial Party committee and government have attached great importance to it and given necessary support and help

third, packaging and decoration printing. Yunnan Province's packaging and decoration printing, except for the printing of cigarette labels and other varieties, is at a leading position in the country

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