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Current situation and Prospect of China's tobacco packaging aluminum foil market

with the development of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, China's aluminum foil output and production capacity have developed rapidly. The application field of aluminum foil is also expanding, especially in the field of packaging, which has become an important part of the rapid development of China's aluminum foil industry

the use of aluminum in the tobacco packaging industry is mainly the aluminum foil of cigarette lining paper, the aluminum plating layer on cigarette boxes (including cigarette carton), and the bronzing of tipping paper. According to statistics, at present, about 25% of the total aluminum foil used for domestic consumption in China is mainly used for cigarette packaging. However, in recent years, with the requirements of the national tobacco administration for environmental protection and the consideration of reducing resource waste, the use of aluminum in cigarette packaging will change

first of all, the largest amount of aluminum in cigarette packaging is aluminum foil lining paper, which is a composite paper of thin paper and aluminum foil. The qualified rate of the factory inspection items of each aluminum testing machine should reach 100%. The thickness of the foil is 0.006mm to 0.007mm. Generally, aluminum foil (double zero foil) with a thickness of 0.006mm is used, which is soft and has good extensibility. The size of aluminum foil lining paper of each pack of cigarettes is 154mm × 114mm. According to the specific gravity, the aluminum content of each pack of cigarette lining paper is about 0.284 G. According to the data statistics of the national tobacco administration, China's annual tobacco output is about 38.846 million boxes, each big box contains 5 small and some have some stale technical data boxes, each small box contains 50 pieces, a total of 97.115 billion packets of cigarettes, that is, the annual cigarette production needs to consume 97.115 billion pieces of aluminum foil lining paper, and the total aluminum used for cigarette aluminum foil lining paper in China in the whole year is about 2762 tons. There are also more and more aluminum foil manufacturers, including Sino US joint venture Yunnan Xinmei aluminum foil Co., Ltd., Xiamen xiashun aluminum foil Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Daya group Danyang aluminum foil factory, etc. Nevertheless, the domestic market is still in short supply of double zero foil, some of which still need to be imported

the total amount of cigarettes in China is almost fixed. The experimental speed is 100mm/min, and the annual total amount changes little. Therefore, the amount of aluminum used in cigarettes is relatively fixed. However, due to various factors and the requirements of the national tobacco administration, aluminum foil lining paper is required to meet environmental protection requirements, reduce the waste of aluminum resources, promote transfer lining paper and vacuum direct plating, which are mainly used in four and five types of cigarettes

transfer liner paper is composed of thin paper and aluminized film (PET), and the film is stripped after the glue is cured, and the aluminized layer is transferred to the paper; Vacuum direct plating is a new technology product developed and applied abroad in recent years. It gradually replaces aluminum foil composite paper as aluminum paper substrate abroad. The biggest advantage of the latter is to reduce the thickness of aluminum layer, reduce the material cost, easy to recycle and decompose in soil, which is conducive to environmental protection and sanitation. By 2006, 30% of the inner packaging of cigarette boxes in China will use direct aluminized paper. Both vacuum direct plating and transfer lining paper play the role of moisture-proof and radiation protection. Therefore, in the next 2 or 3 years, the amount of aluminum foil used for aluminum foil lining paper will have better damage resistance and will be reduced to a certain extent. The extent to which it will be reduced depends mainly on the tobacco market, or the acceptance of smokers

secondly, tipping paper (cigarette holder paper) bronzing, which has sprung up in recent years, also consumes a certain amount of aluminum. Tipping paper bronzing uses electrochemical aluminum film material, that is, vacuum aluminum coating. A pack of cigarettes generally has 20 pieces. If each piece is bronzed, and the bronzing film is full width, the area of bronzing film is equivalent to the area of tipping paper, or at least 1/10 of the area, so the amount of bronzing film is also considerable, However, it cannot be compared with the consumption of aluminum foil lining paper, so we have not made statistics

in addition, there is also a certain amount of aluminum used in cigarette outer boxes (including bar boxes) and cigarette tongue paper in Hard boxes. It is a composite of cardboard and aluminum foil, but with the change of cigarette packaging, the amount of aluminum will continue to increase, mainly the aluminum plated transfer cardboard and composite alloy, silver cardboard of cigarette boxes, that is, the amount used on the vacuum aluminum coating of the film. Of course, its thickness is also very small compared with 0.006mm aluminum foil, so we have not made statistics on this. There are also some cigarette packs with less cigarettes that use 0.006mm aluminum foil and paperboard. For example, the small boxes of soft and hard China have the same amount of aluminum foil as the aluminum foil lining paper. Therefore, the amount of aluminum foil on these kinds of cigarette packs is also considerable. It seems that there is also a certain amount of aluminum on the cigarette packs

the reform of China's tobacco industry continues to move forward - the regional and cross regional integration of tobacco factories, followed by changes in the amount of aluminum used in the tobacco industry, but the change will not be too great, but there will be some inevitable changes between the supply and demand sides, which will become more concentrated

source: global color box industry

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