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The current situation and outlook of the U.S. wood paint market in 2010

the current situation and outlook of the U.S. wood paint market in 2010

April 13, 2010

[China paint information] although the paint market caused by wood and GA degradation product 1 is not easy in 2010, there are still many factors that can make the industry optimistic, the rebound signal from the real estate market and the upsurge of consumer DIY enthusiasm, It also brings a promising future to the wood coatings market

according to the research report released by Freedonia, the market demand for protective coatings and related preservatives for wood products will maintain an annual growth of 2.2%, and is expected to reach $3billion in 2013. Judging from the current economic situation, the gradual recovery of the real estate market may become one of the driving forces for the growth of wood coatings. In addition, the demand for wood coatings and preservatives in household products will also maintain optimistic growth. The demand growth of coatings also benefits from the development of product structure to high added value, the expansion of the application range of density plates and the daily maintenance of wood furniture, which also provide sufficient market demand for wood coatings and wood preservatives. The above is good news for the wood coatings market, but in some specific markets, wood coatings will also face development difficulties

generally, the largest share of wood protection products is the application of decorative wood and furniture, such as floors, cabinets, closets, etc. The real estate industry gradually coming out of the shadow, as well as the increase in the budget of household decoration, also let the wood coating manufacturers see hope. In order to maintain its market position in the field of wood coatings, coating manufacturers take great pains in the performance of color, construction effect, durability and so on. In addition, manufacturers also pay great attention to the environmental protection performance of coating formulas and raw and auxiliary materials. But on the whole, the service life of decorative wood and wood furniture will largely limit the demand for paint, because the coating maintenance of wood is not a routine action after all. The breakthrough in durability of wood coatings will also relatively prolong the maintenance cycle, thus reducing the demand for paint quantity

leaving the indoor part, we went outdoors to see the application of wood products. The application of wood products in outdoor is not so optimistic. With the rapid development and application expansion of emerging materials, wood products are experiencing the difficult situation of market shrinkage. Similarly, suppliers of outdoor wood coatings and preservatives have also suffered the same impact and blow. However, outdoor wood coatings still have growth points, which will come from the maintenance and procurement of large-scale infrastructure and family housing. Jin Chengli has transferred to the maintenance of outdoor facilities of the marketing department. How to achieve growth? The results of market research show that consumers' high value-added coating products are the source of profit growth, which is reflected in the specific physical indicators, such as better performance, longer durability and simpler coating methods

mattmoon, senior brand manager of rust oleum coating company in the United States, believes that the market situation of wood coatings will remain relatively stable. With the slow recovery of the economy, the purchase volume of wood coatings will increase. On the whole, the U.S. coating market in 2010 will be optimistic

mikekozlowski, marketing director of Thompson's waterseal, believes that the product refinement of outdoor wood coatings and waterproof coatings has greatly reduced the decoration cost of outdoor wooden terraces. Now the average cost of American families using wood coatings on terraces is between US dollars. As people spend more and more time at home, it is very necessary to spend some time taking care of the backyard and balcony of the house to make them look more beautiful. Therefore, Thompson's waterseal believes that the market share of outdoor wood paint will be increased in 2010

Carlminchew, director of product development of benjaminmoore company, saw the current problems in the application of wood materials, because more and more composite materials have been favored by the market with their low cost and excellent appearance effect, and have become alternative products of wood materials. For this situation, minchew said that although the paint demand for outdoor wood materials is declining, the market scale of paint used for wood protection related to housing has basically not changed much. Judging from the sales data of Benjamin Moore in 2008 and 2009, the sales of Benjamin Moore outdoor wood coatings in these two years are slightly ahead of that of indoor decorative wood coatings. In the middle of 2010, benjaminmoore believed that the recovery of the real estate market and real estate market will drive the home decoration market, and then benefit coating enterprises. The demand for coatings for wooden buildings such as residential terraces will rise. Because in the eyes of many consumers and customers, there is no synthetic material and wood that is more suitable for family terraces

you may also hear the sound of sample destruction)

the "Dongguan corps" in the field of new materials is accelerating its emergence. In recent years, the formulation technology of waterborne wood coatings has advanced by leaps and bounds, and consumers pay more attention to the DIY method, which will provide a driving force for the future development of wood coatings

Mikekozlowski said that the main reason why Americans decorate and maintain residential terraces so carefully is people's DIY spirit. You know, it's a big expense for homeowners to decorate and maintain their residential properties. Many people will carefully design their own terraces, such as designing fences and adding decorations on the terraces with ingenuity. Large investment makes owners more inclined to work by themselves and reduce costs to realize their design dreams. Thompsonwaterseal has successfully launched a series of waterborne wood coatings, which are not only excellent in performance, but also rich in color. From the feedback of the market, water-based environmental protection and low VOC have become the preferred performance of consumers

judging from the actions of many paint manufacturers in the United States, DIY products are showing large-scale and professional development. The demand for the expansion of the market scale of DIY comes entirely from the initiative of the housing business for its own home decoration, and the recovery degree of the construction industry is relatively slow due to the constraints of economic recovery. The redecoration and small-scale decoration of existing houses have become a very enthusiastic activity of house owners. Peeling walls, faded homes and broken floors have become the focus of DIY enthusiasts' transformation. Just as the Chinese advocate "do it yourself, get plenty of food and clothing", now the United States is also getting plenty of food and clothing for itself. From this point of view, DIY's demand for this kind of wood coatings will be considerable

of course, the standard for DIY to choose wood coatings is environmental protection first, and then the consideration of performance and simplification of painting. Environmental protection coatings with simple painting process and rapid drying will become the first choice for DIY. Driven by this trend, water-based coatings have been on the front stage and have been highly praised by DIY. However, at present, there are still some gaps between water-based coatings and traditional solvent based products in terms of physical properties and appearance aesthetics

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