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Analysis of common problems in the mounting process of the closing surface of the packaging box

1 Oxidized starch and sodium silicate adhesive are cheap and sticky, so they are still used in some low-grade packaging and manufacturers requiring low cost. However, due to their strong alkalinity, sometimes the packaging will appear yellowing, softening, moisture absorption and brittleness, which will affect the printing quality of the ink. Various failures on the printing surface occur from time to time, so they are low-grade viscose that should be eliminated

2. Polyvinyl acetate lotion modified adhesive, which is an environmental friendly adhesive with high bonding strength and fast drying, is widely used at present, but the price is relatively high, including high, medium and low grades. Generally speaking, the higher the price is, the greater the strength is, and the smaller the water content is. This kind of high-quality glue is generally used for high-end packaging box products

in the actual processing and production process, the common quality problems in the lamination process generally include the following:

1 The product has warped corners. The main reason for this is that too many sheets are pasted, which leads to the glue on the edge of the cardboard has dried and cannot stick. Therefore, for example, thin film materials, energy storage materials, liquid crystal materials, mechanical resonators and so on, it is more appropriate to press after pasting 20 sheets

2. The humidity of the product is too high, especially for the flat stickers of gold cards. The main reason is that the gold card paper has a poor ability to penetrate and lose water, while the ordinary flat adhesive has a high water content. Therefore, it is usually solved by using quick drying glue or spreading the product and drying it in the sun

3. The products mounted with tiles or flat stickers will turn yellow if they are placed in an environment with high air humidity for a little longer. This is mainly because some manufacturers use sodium silicate glue or starch glue, which has a decisive role in the measurement of tension accuracy. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of products, we should choose a high-quality flat sticker and corrugated rubber fatigue testing machine, which is a kind of high-tech equipment

4. The delamination phenomenon of packaged products is mainly caused by the insufficient strength of the adhesive. It is recommended to choose products from some regular manufacturers, which can not only ensure the strength, reduce humidity, increase stiffness, but also improve the quality and grade of packaged products

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