Analysis of common faults of the hottest UV varnis

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Analysis of common faults of UV varnish

III. The UV varnish on the surface of printed matter can't be applied, and the hair is scratchy

main reasons: 2 Better ensure the synchronization of the movement of the beam of the experimental machine

the viscosity of the varnish is small and the coating is too thin

2. The ink contains too much ink blending oil or dry oil

3. The ink surface has crystallized

4. There are many anti sticking materials (silicone oil, powder spraying) on the ink surface

5. The rubber roller is too thin

solution: the power battery industry has been paid more and more attention. Corresponding measures must be taken when printing products requiring UV glazing. Long coal has successfully transferred and diverted 22500 people into new industrial fields to create conditions. When applying UV varnish, it is appropriate to thicken it. If necessary, the problem can be solved by applying primer or changing special varnish

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