Analysis of common faults of torque converter and

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Analysis of common faults of torque converter and transmission of loader

1? The system pressure drops

fl460 to make domestic excellent experimental instruments and equipment widely used. The loader enters the working state. The normal working pressure of the torque converter transmission system is between 1.0 ~ 1.6Mpa. When the pressure drops below 1.0MPa, the loader will have weak work and difficult walking

the main reasons for such failures are as follows:

(1) the hydraulic transmission oil of the torque converter is not filled according to the provisions of the manual, but is filled with unqualified hydraulic transmission oil at will

(2) the filter element fixed with the transmission housing is dirty, causing the filter element to be blocked and the oil supply pressure to be insufficient

(3) the iron particles produced by the abnormal wear of the thrust bearing and thrust ring of the hydraulic torque converter make the distribution valve in the valve assembly stuck, causing internal oil backflow

(4) the distributing valve stem of the valve assembly is worn, causing internal pressure relief

(5) the iron particles produced by the abnormal wear of the ball bearings and thrust bearings in the gear set make the action of the distribution valve stuck and make the internal oil flow back

(6) the needle roller bearing of the pump assembly is abnormally worn, causing a slight longitudinal displacement of the driven gear during operation, and the oil supply volume changes

(7) the contact surfaces between the pump body, pump cover and the driving and driven gears in the pump assembly are worn, and the inner cavity oil pressure is relieved

to eliminate such faults, the supply should be limited. Pay attention to the following points:

(1) replace the qualified hydraulic transmission oil according to the instructions and replace it in time

(2) maintain or replace the filter element fixed to the transmission housing on schedule

(3) the torque converter should be disassembled and checked regularly, and the thrust bearing and thrust ring should be replaced in time

(4) the valve rod of the valve assembly can be treated by spraying technology. The disadvantage is that the service life is very short, and the valve assembly can also be replaced

(5) the needle roller bearing and thrust bearing of the gear set should be disassembled and checked regularly. It is recommended to replace the bearing within less than one overhaul cycle. If it is forced to use, the gear will be abnormally worn or broken, causing greater economic losses

(6) the needle bearing of the pump assembly must be replaced in time after abnormal wear. Since it is difficult to purchase the parts individually, the assembly is generally replaced

(7) after the contact surfaces of the pump body, pump cover and driving and driven gears of the pump assembly are worn, they are generally repaired by grinding, and the grinding amount is not more than 0.5mm

2? Overheating of oil

slipping of gear I, gear II and reverse clutch is the main reason for overheating of oil temperature. In serious cases, the shell is hot and oil is sprayed from the oil filler of torque converter

the reasons why the oil temperature of hydraulic torque converter and transmission is too high are as follows:

(1) the friction plate is excessively worn, the surface lubricating oil groove becomes shallow, and the heat dissipation effect becomes worse due to the reduction of the amount of oil passing through

(2) the quality of domestic friction plates is unqualified, resulting in premature wear and overheating of oil temperature

(3) when assembling the clutch, the friction plate and steel plate shall be assembled in strict accordance with the specified quantity. If yes, what are the main environmental problems; The formula can reduce the cost and reduce the installation of a friction plate or a steel plate. Although it is still available temporarily, it can raise the oil temperature

the following points should be paid attention to when troubleshooting such faults:

(1) during disassembly point inspection, the wear depth of the oil groove of the friction plate should not be greater than 0.1mm; The unevenness of steel sheet warping shall not be greater than 1mm. If it exceeds the repair limit, it should be replaced in time

(2) although it is expensive to replace the imported friction plate of the original machine, it can ensure that it meets the technical requirements of the original machine

(3) assemble friction plates and steel plates according to the quantity required by the original machine

3? Leakage at the connection of the front cover of the torque converter

the main reasons for oil leakage at the connection between the front cover of the hydraulic torque converter and the housing of the front cover of the transmission are: the O-ring is bruised during assembly; The screws at the connection are loose; The quality of O-ring is unqualified

due to the tedious work of dealing with this leakage point, it is recommended to assemble the original imported O-ring

4? It is difficult to gear up

fl460 loader cannot gear up, which is generally caused by the change of lateral displacement between the distribution valve and the pull rod. The specific reason is mainly the wear of the pull rod ball head or the loosening of the adjustment lock cap. In case of the above faults, check and adjust the adjusting pull rod

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