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Analysis on the development direction of CTP technology in 2014

ctp technology has been recognized by the majority of users for its progressiveness and quality stability through the joint efforts of the majority of equipment manufacturers and material suppliers, especially the plate research department, showing a momentum of rapid development. So, what is the development direction of CTP technology after 2014

I. coordinated development of multidisciplinary technology

ctp technology is a comprehensive multidisciplinary technology industry. It is an automatic production system integrating precision machinery and optical technology, electronic technology, color digital image technology, computer and software technology, new printing plate and material technology, automation technology and network technology, The development of each discipline can promote the development of CTP technology when it reaches the goal of value traceability. This is a problem exhibition that puzzles many beautiful women, but only the coordinated development of the above disciplines, To form a contemporary ink "> another major technological revolution in the printing industry.

II. The trend of diversified development is obvious.

in terms of hardware equipment, thermal CTP, violet laser CTP, UV-CTP and inkjet CTP have different market application forms and have a good development momentum. In terms of software process, digital workflow is the core of CTP system. At present, the market mainly includes Agfa's apji, Kodak's yinnengjie and Heidelberg's yinnengjie There are five kinds of digital workflow solutions, such as Huizhi of Tongping and screen, and Changliu of founder of Peking University. These digital workflow has been quite mature, which emphasizes openness, compatibility, system integration and operability, and achieves the effect of stable and efficient operation

III. emphasize green and low carbon as the development direction, and then turn the focusing hand wheel

now, energy saving and low carbon have become the main development direction of all walks of life, and CTP technology is no exception. The continuous improvement of technology, the improvement of the green design level of products and the comprehensive utilization level of resources have played an important role in the future development of CTP technology towards energy saving. The environmentally friendly non treatment plate with low consumables, low pollution and low emission reduces the washing process of plate making, reduces the cost, improves the production efficiency, and takes a step towards realizing green environmental protection

IV. CTP technology is developing in the direction of integrated solutions

for enterprises, printing products more quickly, better and economically is the goal. Therefore, more enterprises require equipment suppliers to provide integrated solutions, from prepress specifications, PDF electronic files, PDF trapping processing to electronic collage, processing, CTP output, and then to digital. At present, some manufacturers in the market will have proofing matching, color and quality management, automatic ink data output Printing curve correction, etc. In order to meet the requirements of customers, at present, all major scientific research and supply departments have increased their R & D efforts. At the same time, the competition of equipment suppliers is mostly concentrated on integrated solutions

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