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China's metal packaging industry has formed a complete metal packaging industrial system including printing and coating, can making, lid making, barrel making and other products. Its main products can be divided into: printed iron, beverage cans (including aluminum two-piece beverage cans; steel two-piece beverage cans and tinplate three piece beverage cans), food cans (ordinary food cans and milk powder cans), aerosol cans (Pharmaceutical cans made of tinplate, insecticide cans, cosmetics cans, industrial and household care cans, etc.), chemical cans, steel drums of more than 200 liters and metal cover products (crown cans, unscrewing cans, cans, etc.), The metal packaging product line is rich and the application field is very broad

compared with developed countries such as the United States and Japan, China's metal packaging industry still has broad development space. For example, the sales revenue of metal cans, other metal containers and metal covers in the United States in 2006 amounted to US $16.2 billion, equivalent to 126.5 billion yuan. In 2006, the per capita consumption of metal packaging in the United States was equivalent to 42billion yuan, while the per capita consumption of packaging in China was only 30 yuan in the same period. From the perspective of specific products such as beverage cans, China's per capita consumption in 2006 was only 17 cans, compared with 380 cans per capita in the United States, the domestic market has great potential

in terms of the comprehensive development of the industry and the performance in 2007, metal packaging has entered a steady and sustainable development period, basically forming three centralized metal packaging industrial belts, namely, the Great Pearl River Delta including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Hong Kong, the Yangtze River Delta of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and the Bohai Sea delta of Beijing, Tianjin, Tang, and the eastern coast to central China The bio based degradable ring materials transferred from the southwest and prepared in the developed areas in the South have realized the comprehensive coverage of injection molding, blow molding, blistering, foaming, biaxial stretching and other fields, and can be widely used in industry, agriculture, medicine, cosmetics, food, automobile, electronics and other fields to expand to the developed areas in the north. The development trend of metal packaging has been further improved. Metal packaging has developed from a scattered and backward industry into a complete industrial system with a certain amount of modern technology and equipment and a relatively complete range of categories. A number of cross regional leading metal packaging enterprises with new products, large scale and good benefits have begun to emerge, especially COFCO packaging, Boer Asia Pacific and ORG can making. The metal packaging industry is divided into six steps

with the vigorous development of the global metal packaging industry, China, as the second largest country in the global metal packaging industry, also faces various advantages and disadvantages. The future of the metal packaging industry needs to be divided into six steps

1. As the polarization increases, the enterprises lacking in innovation in the middle of the two poles will gradually collapse, eliminate the old enterprises, inject new energy, and the metal packaging industry will grow stronger and stronger

is an area where experimental machines are widely used. 2. Due to the rising cost of raw materials, the increase of power consumption, the continuous increase of mining costs and transportation costs such as oil and natural gas, the stricter production environment and technical standards, as well as the narrowing of the US dollar exchange rate and tariffs, the manufacturing cost of the metal packaging industry will continue to rise in the future. If it is still not improved after inspection, the disadvantage will be significantly increased

3. Sustainable development and circular economy are the global development situation. In the future, the metal packaging industry will continue to pay attention to the development of energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection and safety, recyclability, etc

4. Domestic metal packaging enterprises need to create their own brands and maintain their own intellectual property rights and scientific research achievements. Innovation awareness has become a new trend in the development of major industries

5. From basic production to refined production, from standardized production to innovation, the price is 0.022 euro/kg; If the paper beverage boxes and plastic packaging products with higher cost can be recycled in excess, the information management category will be introduced into the enterprise management, and the metal packaging enterprises will be managed by means of ERP, network education services and new systems

6. Hangzhou, Zhejiang has become the center of metal packaging in Asia. China's metal packaging industry is gradually in line with international standards, going out to the world

new era, new technology and new trend. For the future, China's packaging industry, especially metal packaging, will take the market as the axis, technological innovation, management upgrading, strengthening informatization and other means as the radius, adhere to the premise of standardization, modernization and environmental protection, and continuously improve the level and connotation of the metal packaging industry, so as to make China move from a "large manufacturing country" to a "powerful manufacturing country"

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