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As a new branch industry in the packaging industry, honeycomb paperboard equipment, technology and products have developed rapidly in China in recent years, especially after the United States, Canada and the European Union restricted the export of Chinese wooden pallets and wooden packaging boxes in 1998, and put forward problems such as strict fumigation and quarantine, which are cumbersome and increase costs, Honeycomb paperboard has become the focus of attention, resulting in the emergence of "honeycomb paperboard" in China

honeycomb paperboard technology can only be put into use after strict testing. The development of production equipment and products

the invention and application of honeycomb technology has a history of 50 to 60 years. It was first used in military affairs. The solid and lightweight aluminum honeycomb panel produced supersonic aircraft and large transport aircraft, which made a qualitative leap in the aviation industry. After the Second World War, honeycomb technology turned to civilian use, producing paper honeycomb structure composites. Honeycomb paperboard has been widely used in developed countries for decades. The technology is becoming more and more mature and the application field is expanding. The development technology of honeycomb paperboard in China began in the late '50s. After more than 10 years of painstaking research, development and continuous improvement, perfection and improvement, the honeycomb paperboard technology has made a breakthrough so far. In terms of equipment and product development, in addition to some enterprises that have imported foreign equipment from Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea and other countries, according to incomplete statistics, there are about 5O domestic enterprises that have developed and produced honeycomb paperboard, initially forming a certain production capacity, including raw and auxiliary materials, production equipment, honeycomb paperboard, pallets, packaging boxes, sanitary coffins, building materials, furniture, cushions, partitions and other products, And successfully developed the so-called fifth and sixth generation special equipment for honeycomb paperboard production

for example, the fbjz12/1600 honeycomb paperboard production line of Zhejiang Huangyan Huayi honeycomb Technology Co., Ltd., the fbjd-12/1300 honeycomb paperboard full-automatic continuous production line developed by Beijing huansen honeycomb paperboard product complete equipment Co., Ltd., and the fbjd-12/1200f honeycomb paperboard production line developed and put into use by Beijing zhong2 and Wangren Technology Co., Ltd. with filled in experimental parameters. These domestic honeycomb paperboard equipment have a high degree of automation, which can produce standard honeycomb paper cores and effectively compound the upper and lower layers of paper cores to produce honeycomb paperboards with different thickness and width. According to the requirements of different uses, the paperboard can also be processed into finished products of different types and specifications, and can also be mixed with plywood, fiberboard and resin board. Metal plates and other plates of different materials are bonded and compounded on one or both sides to make various honeycomb plates. The introduction of domestic production line has brought great business opportunities for the promotion and application of honeycomb paperboard, and ended the history that domestic honeycomb paperboard products can only be produced by imported equipment. However, there is still a certain gap between the honeycomb paperboard production line and foreign advanced equipment in terms of integrity, stability, processing accuracy and appearance. For example, the production rate, material utilization rate and effective working rate of the equipment are not satisfactory. In particular, the honeycomb paperboard product forming and processing equipment is relatively simple, even blank. The technical level of molding processing is an important link to ensure the quality of honeycomb paper products. The end users of honeycomb paper products are the primary part of the whole value chain and the key factor to determine the future and destiny of honeycomb paperboard. Honeycomb paperboard and corrugated paperboard have different forming processes. The former has higher requirements and is more difficult

for example, the processes such as indentation, die cutting, slotting, printing and box ordering of corrugated cardboard can be solved by using equipment. At present, the product forming and processing equipment of honeycomb cardboard in China has not solved these problems well. Because of the low degree of production automation, it is difficult to achieve the standardization, serialization and diversification of paper honeycomb products. The vast majority of honeycomb cartons, pallets and sanitary coffins are still operated, cut and pasted by hand. The production efficiency is very low, so it is difficult to reduce the production cost and ensure the quality and performance of products. Therefore, the problem of honeycomb paperboard forming and processing equipment has become a major "bottleneck" that hinders the development of the best graded boards of honeycomb paperboard. At present, relevant units are making active efforts to develop and trial produce honeycomb paperboard product forming and processing equipment. People are looking forward to the rapid development of the honeycomb paperboard product forming and processing equipment. Secondly, the technology and process level of moisture-proof, flame-retardant, anti-static and curing of honeycomb paperboard also need to be further improved. As we all know, one of the bonding structures of honeycomb structure is a unique bonding system, and the element constituting this system is the adhesive. The adhesive plays a connecting role and forms the mechanical strength through the connection. Its role is greater than the sum of all parts, just like the cement in concrete and the enzyme in human body. In short, the performance of adhesive is directly related to the characteristics and quality of honeycomb paperboard products. China's paper honeycomb industry started relatively late, and the bonding materials suitable for paper honeycomb products have only a history of more than 10 years, far from forming a perfect system and brand. However, after years of practice, learning from the successful experience of developed countries, especially the efforts of some domestic leading enterprises' scientific and technological personnel, China has developed high-quality, low-cost and environmental friendly adhesives. For example, the adhesive produced by Hebei Langfang oasis bonding material Co., Ltd. has been widely used in China's paper honeycomb industry

application market analysis and existing problems of honeycomb paperboard products

honeycomb paperboard is light in weight, high in strength, high in rigidity, and has excellent performance of cushioning, heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation. It is easy to undergo special treatment and can be flame retardant, moisture-proof, waterproof, mildew proof, anti-static, etc. Honeycomb paperboard products have the advantages of low cost, low price, wide application and good prospect. It is in line with the application and development trend of international packaging industry materials. It is an ideal environmental protection material that saves wood instead of wood and replaces EPS plastic cushion liner

at present, the largest application fields are: first, building materials and internal wall panels of vehicles and hulls; Second, packaging, storage and transportation; Third, it is used in furniture, decoration advertising, funeral and agriculture

with the rapid development of China's economy and the deepening of logistics evolution and transportation reform, paper pallets and packaging boxes will be widely used. According to the information of relevant departments, the number of packaging boxes, cushioning pads, pallets, etc. required for electronic information products has increased rapidly with the expansion of production and the increase of export volume. According to incomplete statistics, only color picture tubes need to consume more than 2oo disposable pallets this year (including disposable pallets for picture tube glass shells), and about 30000 tons of EPS foamed plastic. The number of packaging boxes, trays, cushioning pads, etc. required for color TV sets, computers, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances is also amazing. If all honeycomb paperboard is adopted, the honeycomb paperboard industry will have broad development prospects. At present, there are more than 5O enterprises producing honeycomb paperboard and production equipment in the domestic honeycomb paperboard packaging industry, which has initially formed an emerging industry with certain production capacity. However, it is regrettable that it is generally felt that it is difficult to develop the market for honeycomb paperboard products at present, the market sales are still "hibernating", and the substitution effect is still difficult to produce. What is the difficulty? Why? After visiting the Research Institute, the problems are mainly reflected in the development of honeycomb paperboard products. Because honeycomb paperboard products are alternative products, many "difficulties" in the development are still in the mold. Indeed, there are many problems in technology, process, industry management and market development that need to be further improved, perfected and improved

first, the supporting equipment, design and manufacturing technology and process lag behind, which is the "stumbling block" encountered in the molding of honeycomb paperboard products and the biggest concern of users. At present, the domestic honeycomb paperboard products have simple forming equipment and are almost manually operated. There is a common problem of low efficiency and high loss, which leads to the single variety and high cost of honeycomb paperboard products, such as the production of liner paperboard and pallet, as well as the formation of boxes, such as how to indentation, corner cutting, sawing, trimming, bonding, edge sealing, printing, etc? These problems have not been well solved. Most honeycomb cartons and pallets are still operated by hand, and paper honeycomb pallets are also cut and bonded by hand, so it is difficult to complete mass production

second, at present, honeycomb paperboard products are not only single in variety, but also rough in surface, poor in stiffness, poor in color and grade, especially the problems of anti-static, waterproof, heat insulation and moisture-proof have not been well solved. Some users reported that due to the poor moisture-proof performance of paper honeycomb product packaging boxes and pallets, the strength of packaging boxes and pallets weakened after being affected by moisture across the sea and could not withstand impact and swing, resulting in damage

third, the current price of paper honeycomb products is too high for users to accept. It is understood that the price of a standard water tray is about 40 yuan, which is said to be less than 35 yuan in some places, while the price of a honeycomb paperboard tray is more than 4O yuan, or even more than 5O yuan. Due to the high price, the promotion and application of honeycomb paperboard is affected

fourth, at present, domestic honeycomb paperboard production is basically private enterprises or joint ventures. The paper honeycomb industry in China started relatively late, and the research and development of production line equipment, the structural design of products, the manufacturing and processing capacity of products, and the serialization, standardization and diversification of products have made slow progress. Therefore, the paper honeycomb production enterprises report that due to the lack of funds, there are certain difficulties in scientific research, development, design, production, publicity, promotion, sales and other links. Secondly, some enterprises are eager for quick success and instant benefit, short-sighted, low management level, and do not pay attention to after-sales service. Problems after the products are sold cannot be timely supported and solved by customers in terms of technology and process, resulting in many contradictions

fifth, the policies, regulations and measures formulated by the competent government departments are insufficient. At present, the production and application of honeycomb paperboard products are mostly spontaneous, and the mandatory policies, regulations and measures have not been issued. Therefore, many users are still doubtful about using paper honeycomb products to replace EPS plastic (buffer liner) or wood materials

sixthly, although the honeycomb paperboard product market has great potential and broad prospects, the current marketing market is still weak and lifeless. In addition, the number of manufacturers of honeycomb paperboard equipment and products has gradually increased and started one after another, resulting in scattered industry management and information blockade among peer enterprises, which makes it difficult to communicate, so they have not better explored the depth and breadth of the market. The relevant departments have also failed to give correct guidance, and there are no special standards, regulations and policies issued by national authoritative departments for the relevant technologies, equipment, production, marketing and other biological materials that have played an important role in disease treatment and medical care, resulting in fierce competition and no rules to follow, resulting in unstable product quality, small production scale and high cost, thus affecting the promotion, application and healthy development of honeycomb paperboard

it is a long-term national policy of China to protect forest resources, maintain the ecological environment, prohibit random cutting, and save and replace trees. In particular, the grim situation of foreign countries restricting the export of China's wooden pallets and wooden packing cases with various excuses. Therefore, it is urgent to develop new packaging materials to replace wooden packaging and wooden pallets as soon as possible. Honeycomb paperboard is an effective

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