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Analysis on the development environment and trend of China's plastic building materials doors and windows industry

China is in the stage of large-scale urbanization and is also the world's largest construction market. Due to the acceleration of new town construction and public infrastructure, the potential demand for building doors, windows and curtain walls will increase in the next few years. Just take wooden doors as an example. According to incomplete statistics, the output value of wooden doors in China was about 60billion yuan in 2008, and the domestic output value of door industry exceeded 70billion yuan in 2010. It is expected that it will exceed 100 billion yuan within three years. According to the investigation of luobaihui, a member of the association, in the three northeast provinces, Inner Mongolia and other places, more than 40% of the newly-built houses use plastic doors and windows, while Qingdao and Dalian use more than 80%. At present, plastic building materials has become the second pillar industry of China's plastic industry with an average annual growth rate of more than 15% due to its excellent energy-saving characteristics

According to Luo Baihui's analysis, the rapid development of the door and window plastic industry lies in the influence of the following favorable factors:

first, China's policies issued this year to encourage foreign investment in many plastic building materials projects, such as replacing steel with plastic and wood with plastic, have brought great development opportunities for plastic doors and windows and led to the rapid development of the industry

secondly, the increasing investment in infrastructure construction in recent years also provides a huge demand market for the plastic door and window industry. According to the current market share of plastic doors and windows, about 175million square meters of plastic doors and windows will be built every year

third, according to the national "12th Five Year Plan", the future market capacity of energy-saving materials and technologies can reach several trillion yuan, providing a huge space for the development of energy-saving and environmental friendly plastic building materials

while seeing the positive factors for the development of the industry, there are also some negative factors:

first of all, the state has adjusted its foreign trade policy, and the export of plastic products has changed from encouragement to restriction. In particular, since the reduction of the export tax rebate rate, many plastic products enterprises have reduced the export of relevant commodities due to the significant reduction of the tax rebate, and the export volume of domestic plastic products has dropped at once, while the import volume has increased accordingly

secondly, in recent years, the international crude oil price has continued to rise, and the cost of raw materials has increased significantly, which has brought great impact to the plastic processing industry. On the one hand, enterprises should undertake the pressure of cost transfer brought by the upstream; On the other hand, the leading products of enterprises are highly competitive, and it is difficult to further transfer costs, so it is necessary to find a new breakthrough

the door and window market consists of a single "The serious disconnection between R & D and utilization has always plagued the transformation from development competition to composite competition in the domestic new material industry.

with the rise in the price of raw materials, it has directly led to the intensification and diversification of the forms of competition in the door and window market. Due to the reduction of market share and the thinning of profits brought by the rise of raw materials, the door and window market has changed from single competition to composite competition. It is difficult to obtain and maintain competition with a single means of competition The advantages can not meet the diversified and complex service needs of customers, showing a compound competitive situation of using multiple promotion methods and combining multiple competitive means of service, price and promotion

as an important factor in the market competition, product quality, product style, price, service, etc. have become an indispensable competitive hotspot in the door and window industry. Luobaihui said: "today's market competition is not only reflected in the competition of product quality, but also reflects the diversified comprehensive competition. Instead of price competition, the three-dimensional competition focusing on the quality, level, means and procedures of services will no longer stay in the competition for the market and customers, but will further expand to the multi-level competition of technology, information, talents and even strategic partners."

the purpose of competition has changed to compete for the return rate of customers

many door and window enterprises rely on repeat customers and public praise to form the main source of profits. Cultivating and maintaining the "loyalty" of these customers is directly related to the survival and development of door and window enterprises

traditional price competition is difficult to adapt to market changes. The person in charge of Wanzhong Construction said that with the improvement of consumption concept, consumers have increasingly strong requirements for services. Therefore, non price competition such as service quality, service efficiency and service innovation has become the main competition mode in the door and window market

from relying on internal advantages to paying equal attention to internal and external resources. Under the traditional competitive conditions, door and window enterprises rely on internal advantages, such as product quality, product brand influence, etc. The head of yajushi door industry said: the current market competition is not only through their own internal advantages, but also through their own resources and market speculation. It is very important to form a combination of internal advantages and external forces, pay attention to the quality of door and window products, also pay attention to the promotion of door and window brands, and pay attention to the improvement of service

standardization of door and window industry is imperative

from the perspective of development trend, luobaihui thinks that the development prospect of China's door and window industry is very attractive. However, the entry threshold of China's door and window industry is low, and the standards of door and window enterprises are not very perfect. Some door and window products lack the definition of standards, and the quality is uneven. Some consumers' understanding of the products is also sloppy, and they know very little about the standards of the industry. Whether it is small doors and windows or gate windows, the door and window industry lacks unified standards, so the door and window industry has been in a state of imperfect standards

from the perspective of development, market standardization and openness are inevitable trends, which are beneficial to the cost control of the whole industry, marketing channels, technological innovation, and the survival of the fittest in the market. Relevant standards and specifications are the basis for the steady development of the industry. As the saying goes, "no rules, no radius". With the development of the door and window industry and the continuous emergence of new technologies and products, the importance of the door and window industry standards has become noticeable. The system of door and window standards and specifications is the wisdom of the industry collective and the summary of experience. Only when it is valued can the door and window industry maintain a rapid pace of development

according to the introduction, the national industry association has also paid considerable attention to the quality door and window industry, which has played an important role in standardizing the development of the industry. At present, the aluminum door and window Committee of the metal structure association has formulated the product standards for wood aluminum composite doors and windows, and the steel wood Committee has formulated the product standards for pure wood doors and windows. On this basis, if we can absorb and digest the product process specifications of European and American countries, and combine the actual use environment and regional characteristics of our country, The formulation of product process standards and industry standards will guide and standardize the purchase of raw materials, production process, transportation, installation, after-sales and other links in the processing of doors and windows, which will play an inestimable decisive role in the rapid and healthy development of the door and window industry

the door and window industry must innovate in inheritance

China's traditional doors and windows are a unique architectural science in the world, a bright pearl in the world's architectural art treasure house, occupy a very important position in Chinese traditional culture, and have great historical and artistic value. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, people pay more attention to the quality of life. Our goal is to inherit and carry forward the Chinese nation's traditional and precious material and cultural heritage. Therefore, it is necessary to closely combine traditional, national and modern, formulate, design and manufacture wood door and window standards and products with modern flavor and Chinese national characteristics, and let them go to the world. The doors, windows and wood decoration of ancient buildings and antique buildings (with cultural relics value) must comply with the provisions of the law of the people's Republic of China on the protection of cultural relics. In particular, it is necessary to "preserve the original form, original structure, raw materials and raw technology", and actively promote new technologies and materials without changing the original state of cultural relics

in recent years, China's traditional wood decoration has shown signs of return in many hotels, restaurants, buildings and residential houses. The doors and windows used are imbued with the painstaking efforts of many architects and door and window designers. They cherish the traditional culture and often integrate the national tradition and modern architectural design methods in the design of door and window products, setting off and creating an overall atmosphere for the houses decorated with traditional wood doors and windows, which is dignified, mysterious A sense of grandeur and nobility

it is understood that at present, some door and window enterprises, such as Sichuan Guanghong aluminum wood door and window company, have been developing or producing traditional doors and windows, trying their best to express the abstruse and spirit of Chinese culture, originating from tradition and expressing modernity. Zhan Qingfu told the author: "it is a goal that a Chinese door and window entrepreneur with a sense of society should pursue to 'combine' tradition and Modernity in a very good way, drain oil from the internal parts of the oil cylinder, clean and replace the oil with a suitable viscosity, and realize the organic integration of the two, so as to achieve the effect of integrating modernity and tradition, energy conservation and environmental protection."

innovation in the door and window industry must pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection

doors and windows have become an industry, involving various links, such as log and plate processing, integrated wood window frame material system and increasing the confidence of buyers. Only when multiple links are managed together can we ensure the production of high-quality products

doors and windows are also a series of products, which cover the window frame aggregate upward and extend downward to the wooden curtain wall, sunshine room, structural wood beam and wooden house building. It can be said that it meets the needs of all architectural structural forms, so it has a strong market demand

the most basic functions of doors and windows are anti-theft and partition of enclosed space, and their performance requirements change with the development of science and technology. In particular, the low-carbon economy advocated at present also puts forward many new requirements for doors and windows. Human society has developed from agricultural civilization to industrial civilization. Now we need to develop low-carbon civilization. In the past, our industrial production was high pollution, high emission and high consumption. In the future, we should develop it into low pollution, low emission and low consumption. We should save energy and reduce emissions. The same is true for doors and windows

focusing on low-carbon economy, the performance of doors and windows includes the thermal conductivity of doors and windows and energy saving in the manufacturing process of doors and windows. How much energy is consumed by the factory, including energy saving and efficiency in the processing process. Energy saving during use, including product sealing performance and thermal insulation performance. This is a new performance requirement. The second performance requirement is environmental protection, which emphasizes environmental friendliness and environmental protection; The third is security. Safety includes the safety performance used. Such as fall prevention, pinch injury prevention, electric shock prevention, etc. The protection safety includes the firmness of the closure, the reliability of the on-off switch, etc; The fourth is convenience performance. Doors and windows serve people, with humanized functions, convenient opening and normal traffic. Only when these four performance requirements are guaranteed can a good product be made

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