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In recent years, with the rapid development of China's dairy industry, the competition among dairy manufacturers has become increasingly fierce, which has also led to the development of its related processing and packaging machinery industry

the domestic dairy industry with serious homogenization of industrial structure focuses on the competition for milk sources, market share and technology upgrading. Except for a few dairy giants, most dairy enterprises are looking for an effective way to transform their limited resource advantages into market economic benefits, and to find room for survival and development. Due to the limited capital, if they want to change the "bottleneck" of dairy development with "limited technical conditions", they need to choose dairy processing and packaging machinery with good cost performance and reasonable operating costs. Because foreign products are expensive, they place more hope on domestic dairy processing and packaging machinery with relatively low prices

at present, domestic dairy packaging and processing machinery has formed a relatively perfect product system in terms of common technology and conventional equipment, but it is still unsatisfactory in terms of key equipment and key technology. In the context of the vigorous development of China's dairy industry, people ignore the development of packaging and processing machinery technology, which is an indispensable part of the industrial chain, in the various debates about milk source, market and industry

at present, there are some contradictions in the development of China's yield strength dairy packaging and processing machinery industry:

first, the low level of primary products and the high level of end products. Second, the contradiction between whether the running speed of instruments is normal safety requirements.

milk is a kind of food with high timeliness. In the process of processing and packaging, it is necessary to ensure that all microbial indicators of end products meet the requirements of food safety. There is another big gap between the microbiological indicators of fresh milk in China and those in developed countries. This requires that the technical performance of the processing and packaging equipment used in the milk processing process has too high requirements in ensuring the safety of end products. That is to say, it is necessary to guarantee each process of the processing and packaging process and the excellent technical state of the equipment. Minimize the possible impact caused by process equipment technology. However, each dairy enterprise competes for the market in order to make its own product differentiation advantage, artificially thickening and flavoring raw milk, which changes the original processing technology of raw materials, and thus pays more attention to the technology of relevant processing and packaging equipment. Only by improving the consistency and continuity of equipment health and safety can we deal with the change of the original process of this raw material

II. The contradiction between the special requirements of the industry and the lack of compound technical personnel

in the dairy processing and packaging equipment, UHT and aseptic technology are at a higher technical level and are comprehensive achievements of related technical disciplines. It is also the key technology and equipment that need to be broken through in China. Dairy processing and packaging equipment industry is an industry with special requirements; From the technical level, the manufacturer should have the comprehensive quality of biochemical pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing technology, dairy processing technologist's experience, the ability of automatic integration technology and the means of total quality control. In order to break through key technologies, in addition to sufficient R & D financial support, it is more important to be able to digest and absorb relevant foreign advanced technologies, and comprehensively improve the high reliability and high security of equipment comprehensive performance by means of innovative means integrating breakthrough and integration. This requires high-quality compound talents with the ability of technological integration and innovation. Due to the development history and capital structure of the industry, the extreme lack of high-quality talents has become an indisputable fact, and has also become a bottleneck restricting the development of the technical level of the industry

III. contradiction between the development pattern of the industry and the lack of macro guidance

the particularity of the dairy packaging and processing machinery industry is manifested in: wide technical span, strong comprehensiveness, large market development space, etc. However, the industrial capital structure is relatively simple; The pattern is scattered; The phenomenon of mutual blockade, technological monopoly and making cars behind closed doors among enterprises is relatively serious. At the technical level, most of them are low-level common conventional equipment production. There is an extreme lack of high-quality talents. Only a few manufacturers have the ability of independent innovation and R & D. The macro guidance of the industry belongs to several industry associations, and the government comes from many sectors, forming a "three no industries" without clear macro guidance, development support policies and technical regulation supervision. The technological innovation of thermoplastic elastomer materials and products industry established by Yan Anhui Province has seriously restricted the improvement of the overall technical level, greatly lagging behind the development of dairy industry

source: China Green Packaging Industry Park

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