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Recently, many readers called to ask how to judge the quality of concealed works in home decoration

recently, many readers called to ask how to judge the quality of concealed works in home decoration. These problems may not be exposed during the project acceptance, but the construction of concealed decoration works is crucial for the whole decoration

power distribution engineering is very important

first of all, during the construction process, the construction personnel should strictly follow the requirements of the drawings to distribute the direction of the indoor circuit, determine the installation position of the future cassette on the wall, and make preparations for slotting. When opening the trunking, the depth is generally required to be twice that of the used conduit. The trunking must be horizontal and vertical on the wall, and the height of the cassette should be the same. When the wire passes through the conduit, it is not allowed to have a joint between the two cassette boxes. The TV and telephone lines must not have a joint during the wiring process, but the two lines cannot be threaded together with other lines.

, After threading, use insulating tape and waterproof tape to double insulate the power wire connector. The power line walking on the top must pass through the conduit, and the wood keel of the ceiling should be treated with fire prevention and insect prevention, so as to avoid causing trouble to the owner in the future

waterproofing works are meticulous

first, when arriving at a home decoration site, the construction personnel should do a 48 hour closed water test. After confirming that there is no leakage at the waterproof place, the sundries on the ground surface should be cleaned up

secondly, when waterproof the bathroom and kitchen, the waterproof of the bathroom should be more than 1.8 meters, and the waterproof layer of the kitchen should not be less than 30 cm. If the wall itself is a light wall, the whole wall must be waterproof. When doing waterproof treatment, we must pay special attention to some nuances. For example, the intersection angle between walls and the corner between walls and the ground should be cleaned. We should use corner wipes or fingers to sweep solid and clean, and strictly prevent false leakage





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