Krani Hamburg fog folding door integral wardrobe

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Krani Hamburg fog folding door integrated wardrobe

color: gray

main material: solid wood particle board

main material finish: melamine finish

sliding door material: baking paint

function: trousers rack

opening method: folding door

style: Modern

overall style appearance

modern, fashionable and natural is the first feeling of nature krani Hamburg fog folding door. Corrani focuses on pure German design, German paint door panels, German heitisch stainless steel door hinges, etc., showing the characteristics of durability and quality


door panel: it adopts environmental protection Matte Cream baking paint imported from Germany. After 27 processes, one side of the six body is processed without edge banding. The surface has strong wear resistance, is not easy to slide and scratch, is waterproof, and is easy to clean

cabinet base material: the cabinet base material adopts clear cloth pattern, realistic appearance, soft hand feeling, fashionable appearance and elegant taste

the surface has good aging resistance, no cracking, good wear resistance, pollution resistance and weather resistance; Ecological environmental protection, the same design and color, and the unity of style elements

six body one side without edge banding and brand logo

layout: storage function design

complete functions are the main selling points of this cloakroom, and the focus is decoration home network. The following Xiaobian will introduce them to you one by one. The front

side of the cloakroom is the most basic clothing hanging area, which can hang daily clothes and is very convenient for hanging and taking

drawer: the drawer handle adopts a hidden handle to ensure that the surface of the cabinet is flush, the design is ingenious and reasonable, and the appearance is beautiful and generous

clothes hanging rod: 1.0 thick aluminum alloy is used, and the bearing capacity can reach 30

trousers rack: the trousers rack is made of aluminum alloy, with anti-skid design, so that the hanging trousers are not easy to slip, and the number of hanging rods can be easily increased or decreased, which is very convenient

concealed buckle: the concealed buckle laminate support has a fixed effect on the laminate, and can also make the laminate movable

door hinge: the stainless steel bearing folding door hinge of German heitisch specially used by crany




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